Worlds Apart Fair

Artist presented at the fair include Nguyen Tuan, Nguyen Minh Phuoc and Khin Zaw Latt. The artworks presented were well received.

Many visitors were enthralled by the ceramic sculptures, and artworks. Even the kids were intrigued and having fun!

Naoko Tosa

Artist Story

Naoko Tosa is an artist who has been creating artworks expressing Japanese tradition and culture utilizing digital technologies. The series of artworks presented in this gallery are titled “Japanese Sanctuary”. It expresses silence and at the same time dynamism based on Japanese“Zen” and “Shinto.”


Tosa-san is an internationally renowned Japanese media artist, born in 1961 in Fukuoka, Japan. After receiving a Ph.D. for Art and Technology research from the University of Tokyo. She was a fellow artist at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 2002 to 2004.Currently she is a professor at Kyoto University. She has exhibited her artworks at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the New York Metropolitan Art Museum, the Long Beach Museum, International Berlin Film Festival New media Division and other many locations worldwide.



1961 - Born in Fukuoka, Japan
1985 - Solo Exhibition Video Art works at North Fort Gallery, Osaka, Japan
1986 - Accepted for 2nd International Biennale Video CD 85 at Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
1986 - A Bronze Prize at The International High technology Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1986 - 3rd prize for Independent Artist Selection, National Computer Graphics Association, Anaheim, California
1987 - Second prize at the American Film & Video Festival: Video Art Section, New York
1987 - Accepted for the San Francisco International Film Festival: Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco
1987 - Accepted for The 21st Annual New York Film-Video Exposition, Metropolitan Art Museum, New York
1987 - Solo exhibition -“Computer Graphics & Video Art Exhibition” at EXPO Annex Plaza, Nagoya, Japan
1988 - Accepted for the BACA’s 21st Annual Film-Video Festival, Jefferson Market Library, New York
1990 - Solo exhibition of Interactive Art works at Gallery Kousai, Tokyo
1992 - Solo exhibition of “Neuro-Baby’s Birthday at Gurdean-Gurden Gallery, Tokyo
1997 - First Prize, L‘Oreal Grand Prix for research combining art and science Award
2000 - Accepted for Interactive Art section Award in ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria
2003 - Solo exhibition of ZENetic Computer , MIT Museum Main Gallery, USA
2003 - Solo Exhibition of Unconscious Flow at Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea
2004 - Winner of 2nd Prize for Nabi Digital Storytelling Competition of Intangible Heritage, Organized by Art Center Nabi under the official endorsement of UNESCO
2009 - Solo Exhibition of Sei Sei Rei Rei at the World Heritage Kamigamo–jinja Shinto Shrine, Kyoto, Japan
2011 - Solo Exhibition of Cultural Bits at Japan Creative Center, Singapore


Nguyen Minh Phuoc

Artist Story
During a meeting with a venerable monk, Minh Phuoc was told that despite his years of meditation, he never really found Buddha. As Minh Phuoc pondered about his own life journey, he realized that what he initially perceived as a Monk’s lament was in fact a wise piece of advice.


In life, there is no final destination. One is constantly searching and embarking on a journey. It is a journey of multiple destinations. The destinations are to be discovered and set by no one but himself. But while each of us embarks on our journey, we should also not hesitate to help others along the way.


Minh Phuoc reflects this ‘journey of life’ in his paintings. All the monks in his paintings turn away from the audience. They embark on their own’s life journey. Sometimes alone, sometimes sharing the journey with others.



1973 - Born in Son La, Vietnam
1997 - Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art Institute
1997 - 2000 Lecturer, National Pedagogy of Music and Painting College
2000 - Solo Exhibition Go West Nha San Studio Hanoi, Vietnam
2002 - Solo Exhibition, My Inconsistency, Private Studio Hanoi, Vietnam
2003 - Solo Exhibition Untitled at Genkan Gallery, Tokyo American Club, Japan
2004 - Co Founder, Ryllega, Experimental Contemporary Art Gallery
2005 - Solo Exhibition Patch Wings Up, gallery Nord, Berlin, Germany
2007 - Solo Exhibition – Unhappy Dragon at Ryllega Gallery Hanoi, Vietnam
2008 - Program Director of Dong Son Today Direction


Nguyen Tuan

Artist Story

Tuan said that he enjoyed playing with mud clay since young. Hence, it was only natural that he studied ceramic sculpture at the university. His talent for molding clay into highly emotive art was recognized when he held his major solo exhibition at Hanoi’s Museum of Fine Arts.


Entitled Buddha’s Dream, the collection came about after he was invited to participate in a temple restoration project in a mountain. While he was there, he heard the sound of prayers and the wooden bell, being struck by the monks. The crisp and incense scented mountain air inspired him to mull over his city life and how chaotic and meaningless it was. During his breaks at work, Tuan learned Buddhism philosophy from the monks. He returned to his city life with much more peace in heart. It was also then that he suddenly saw Buddha’s image in the ordinary people. Be they passengers waiting at the bus stop or the labours working on the street.


“I saw it in a little boy while he was sleeping intermittently in my pottery studio. I could see it in a woman in the pottery village where I worked. I caught glimpses of it in the smiling faces of brothers and friends I loved, while we were having food together. I saw many beautiful things around me that I could not see clearly before. Everything came up in a sound and bright way. This was my inspiration for the following series of terracotta sculptures.”

1981 - Born in Hai Dong
2006 - Graduate from the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts
2008 - Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture in V Arty Space, Hanoi
2008 - Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition at the Metropole Hotel, Hanoi
2010 - Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture “Buddha’s Dream” at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
2010 - Received the Young Creative Award at Onggi Expo, Ulsan Korea 2010
2013 - Exhibition of ‘Vision’ – a joint exhibition with Naoko Tosa. Organised by LWH Gallery and MAD Museum, Singapore.