Fast Cars and Dangerous Women

Both have opposing styles but their subjects represent the fetishistic epitome of male desire. Hein Thit’s abstracted female nudes with a background collage of Myanmese comics contrasts expressively with the younger Maw Thu Da Nu’s shiny hard-edged hyperrealism.

In Hein Thit’s female nudes with collage, the purpose of the drawing is less to imitate reality than to express the beauty contained within. Hein Thit approaches the internal rather than external beauty of women with line drawing in a simple and most effective way. He adds emotional brushstrokes in black acrylic upon old Myanmese comics in mathematical combinations. The collage and distortion of anatomy are meant to emphasize his formal ideas, with compositions that are based on realism yet abstract.

Maw Thu Du Nu chooses to compose his works through the reflection of glass and mirrors so as to literally ‘reflect’ upon the social, political and economic development in his country. The modern store window display and the growing population of luxury cars in Yangon, are no mere evidence of the growing wealth in Myanmar. In the eyes of Du Nu, they serve as his medium from which he expresses his concern about the impact of capitalism and consumerism on his beloved country.

The exhibition will be held at 20B Mosque Street Singapore 059500 from 11 to 21 July 2013. For enquiries, please call +65 6648 1792

Colours Of Myanmar

LWH Gallery is proud to present Khin Muang Zaw’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. This exhibition presents a selection of Mr Khin’s fine watercolour paintings, from vibrant landscape to cultural sights of Myanmar.

The exhibition will be held at the award winning Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily for month of July 2013.

For an evening of art and dining, please call +65 6339 9448