Sound of Ikebana: Four Seasons

Created by world renowned digital media artist – Professor Tosa from Kyoto University, ‘Sound of Ikebana : Four Seasons’ is a series of four video artworks created by vibrating sound beneath paint, shot at 2,000 frames per second with a high-speed camera. These videos were recently projected on the iconic Art Science Museum Singapore during Singapore Art Week 2014.

Following the successful launch of ‘Sound of Ikebana’ at Art Stage Singapore, Professor Tosa will release a series of new and exclusive digital prints for her first solo exhibition in LWH Gallery, Shanghai from 7 February to 5 March 2014.

Naoko Tosa’s work explores the theme of ‘Four Seasons’ through the presentation of artwork alongside relevant Haiku – a succinct and highly evocative form of Japanese poetry – including those by the poets Basho, Buson and Issa.

The work also references cultural and historical colour iconography through the use of colours in different combinations. These include the ‘prayerful’ colours of Buddhism, the Japanese Wabi-sabi colours, the resplendent colours used in the Heian era in Japan, the signature pastel Peranakan colours of Malaysia and Singapore, and the rich colours evoking India and China.

The effect of ‘Sound of Ikebana’ on the viewer can be seen as three-fold. The viewer feels a wonder at the mesmeric, organic figures created through the slow-motion liquid leaps and their unpredictable movements. At the same time, there is a strong visual connection with traditional Asian cultures and their associated histories. Lastly, through the presentation of the four seasons of nature, together with the contemplative nature of the artwork as a whole, we are invited to reflect on our own internal ‘seasons’ as we progress through life.

Limited print and video editions of ‘Sound of Ikebana’ are available at LWH Gallery. To see more works by Naoko Tosa, click here.

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