Peace of Mind . Peace on Earth

Paramat chose to be trained in classical Thai painting techniques as he wishes to preserve the country’s cultural heritage. He spent his earlier years doing mural paintings for many temples around Thailand. His time spent in temples got him to develop an interest in Buddhism. The meditativeenvironment spurs him to reflect and think about the many stories and teachings of Buddha that he had painted on the temple walls. It lays the spiritual foundation for his artworks.

Paramat’s works are inspired by the presence of nature, the beauty of nature, the inextricably link between man and nature. Many of his works feature plants and animals, real or mythical, with images of man are artfully weaved amongst them, reinforcing the interconnectedness of all things in this world.

With such confluences of ideas and influences, Paramat has developed a very unique style in his works. They are highly intricate and yet bold, complex and yet serene. It is almost like a portrait of a paradisiacal world. A world conjured by the artist not for himself, for anyone who opens their mind to it. But importantly it carries an invaluable message for all to ponder upon