Aidi Yupri

Artist Story
Since young, Aidi Yupri’s father had taught him to sow, plant and take care of the different trees his plantation. Everyday, Aidi learned to hear their laments, their crying and their whimpers. But most importantly he also learned from the wisdom of nature


“The tree teaches us a lot about the essence of life. The world of trees and plants is an illuminating reality, providing the whole Earth with the necessary force of life.” said Aidi.


In his works ‘Self Reflection’, Aidi reminds all that Nature is a wonderful space of reflection and introspection. It is a mirror to view ourselves. The folded hands, gradually formed by countless alphabets, represent the deferential student who is open to learn and reflect from Nature’s teachings.


In his other work ‘The Inscription of Life’, Aidi is concern that for too long man has attempted to force nature to his will. It is vital we reflect upon our past actions and learned to work and live in harmony with Nature. Adapting from a famous verse by John F. Kennedy, Aidi espouses;


“Man should not ask how much Nature could provide for him, but ask how far he can go to preserve it”



1981 - Born in Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Perfomance art “Mbelgedes”, Reason Campaign Square Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “Art For Love”, Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Performance art “Three Duration Ask” Square Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition of Painting and Caricatures, Campus Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta
2004 - Exhibition “Puser’01 Group”, Yogyakarta Vredeburg, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “What news Magelang”, Tom Silver Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition Lustrum Exhibition IV at ISI Gallery, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “National Student Art Week”, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “Pratisara Affandi Adi Karya”, Sokka Gallery Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2005 - Group exhibition “Pratisara FSR ISI and Nyoman Gunarso”, ISI Gallery, Indonesia
2005 - Group exhibition “Cluck”, Home Stage Nitiprayan Yogyakarta
2005 - Group exhibition “Jogjaku Ruwet” Melia Purosani Yogyakarta
2005 - Group exhibition at Children’s Art Jamboree, UNS Surakarta
2005 - Joint Exhibition of SD Muhammadiyah Mount Pring Muntilan, Indonesia
2005 - Group exhibition “Environment Day”, the first Trans TV Studio Jakarta
2005 - Group exhibition “Pratisara Affandi Adi Karya”, Gallery ISI
2005 - Group exhibition “Indonesian Arts Festival”, Bundung, Indonesia
2006 - Group exhibition “Concern Forum Yogya”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2006 - Group exhibition “Drawing”, Gubug Lantern Sengotan Yogyakarta
2007 - Solo exhibition “Complexity of Life in Painting”, Indonesia Institute of Art
2007 - Group exhibition “End Task”, Fine Arts Building, Indonesia Institute of Art
2007 - Group exhibition ” Black and White”, Yogyakarta Melia Purosani
2007 - Joint Exhibition at Banaran Café, Yogyakarta Jogja Gallery
2007 - Group exhibition “Open Art Project “, BOK Art Hause Semarang
2007 - Group exhibition “1001 Mysteries of Borobudur ” Borobudur Magelang
2007 - Group exhibition FKY ” Shout Out “, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2007 - Archipelago Fine Arts Exhibition, “Demi Mas(s)a”, National Gallery Jakarta
2007 - Group exhibition “Turn Right Path Continues “, Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta
2007 - Group exhibition “Earth”, Mon Décor Gallery Jakarta
2007 - Group exhibition “Rem Blong”, V – Art Gallery Yogyakrta
2007 - Group exhibition “Behind The Horizon”, Sri Sasanti Gallery Yogyakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “Celebrating the Differences”, Elegance Art Space Jakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “The Irony of Signs ” Mon Décor Jakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “Most Wanted” Ordinary Gallery, Yogyakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “Exhibition Space Kuala Lumpur” Malaysia
2009 - Group exhibition “DISTANCE “, Tonyraka Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali
2009 - Group exhibition “Expose Subjects “, Pure Art Space, Jakarta
2009 - Group exhibition “Up & Hope”, D’ Peak Art Space, Jakarta
2009 - Group exhibition “Paramitra”, Mon Décor, Jakarta
2010 - Solo exhibition “Challenging Nature “, Mon Décor Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 - Group exhibition “3G [3 GENERATION ] ” , Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery
2010 - Group exhibition “Action’01 “, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2010 - Group exhibition Korean International Art Fair, Korea
2010 - Group exhibition “Jogja Art Share”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta
2011 - Group exhibition “Bandung Contemporary Art Award”, Lawang Wangi
2011 - Group exhibition “Revolution of Indonesia”, Art Front Gallery, Singapore
2011 - Group exhibition “Sin City”, Art Project, National Gallery of Indonesia
2011 - Group exhibition “Nation of Landscape” Abdullah Basoeki Museum, Jakarta
2011 - Finalist of exhibition “UOB Painting of the Year”, UOB, Jakarta
2011 - Group exhibition “Homo ludens # 2″, Emitan CA Gallery, Surabaya
2011 - Group exhibition Flight for Light : Indonesian Art And Religiosity , Art : 1, Jakarta
2013 - Solo exhibition “The Universe Terkembang So Book”, Art Space : 1 , Art : 1, Jakarta
2013 - Group exhibition “Dharma ” Borobudur International Festival, Magelang
2013 - Group exhibition of Indonesian Art Award 2013, National Gallery of Indonesia


2002 - Best of Sketch Supervisor, FSR Indonesia Institute of Art
2003 - The Best of Watercolor Painting Supervisor FSR, Indonesia Institute of Art
2004 - Nominated 10 Great DIY Peksiminas Selekda
2005 - Nominated work Megawati Portrait Painting Competition
2005 - 3rd Place National Stamp Design Competition, Indonesia
2005 - 2nd Place Painting ” Today Environment ” from KOWANI Jakarta
2010 - The Big Three Best Work, 60 Years Painting Competition Suara Merdeka, Semarang
2011 - Top 25 Finalists, Bandung Contemporary Art Awards,
2011 - Finalists UOB Painting Of The Year
2013 - Indonesia Art Award Finalists 2013 YSRI