Wahyu Gunawan

Artist Story
Wahyu’s visually captivating works speak of the drama in our world today. Surrealistic background serves as the stage for his fable characters, gaudy entertainers, fantasy figures to play out the spectrum of human traits & behaviour. And with a touch of fairy tale magic, he creates narrative paintings that seem to tell fantastical stories that are beyond the confines of a simple “Once upon a time…”. In the works ‘Kick East’ and ‘Invasion’, Wahyu expresses his concern on the winds of change that are sweeping across Asia today. He worries about the day when morality plays up against profit, it is profit that won with standing ovation.


Born 1975 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Wahyu enrolled in the prestigious In Indonesia Institute of Art. Upon graduation, he participated in numerous exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea. He was of the winners of 5 Best Nokia Indonesia Art Award (2000), finalist of Jakarta Art Award (2010), and winner of Highly-Commended Award of The prestigious UOB Painting of the Year Competition in 2011. His works are coveted by collectors in Asia, Europe and America and appears regularly in international auction houses.



1975 - Born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2004 - Graduate from Indonesia Institute of Art
2009 - Group exhibition “Hyperlink” Tujuh Bintang, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2009 - Group exhibition “CIGE” in Beijing, China
2009 - Group exhibition “Fabulous” in Koong Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2009 - Group exhibition “Taiwan Art Fair” in Taiwan
2009 - Group exhibition of “Survey” in Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2009 - Joint Exhibition of “Bersama-Sama (Together In)” at Koong Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 - Group exhibition of “Art Triangle” Matahati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2010 - Group exhibition of “Art Expo Malaysia” in Matrade Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2010 - Group exhibition of Bersama-sama in (Together In) JAD, Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 - Group exhibition of ” Together In’ Koong Gallery. Jakarta
2010 - Group exhibition of ” Percakapan Masa (Future Conversation)” in National Gallery, Jakarta
2010 - Group exhibition of “Jogja Art Fair 2010 “in Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
2010 - Group exhibition of “JAA” in Jakarta
2011 - Group exhibition of” Biennale Jatim” in Gallery Go Art Space, Surabaya
2011 - Group exhibition of “ASYAAF” in LVS Gallery, Seoul. Korea
2011 - Exhibition of “Art JOG” in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2011 - Exhibition of “UOB Painting of the Year ” in Jakarta, Indonesia
2011 - Group exhibition of “Intip” in JAD, Jakarta, Indonesia
2012 - Group exhibition of “Uijeongbu Art Center” in LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 - Exhibition of “Busan International Art Fair” in Seoul, Korea
2012 - Group exhibition of “Rame-rame” in Koong gallery, Jakarta Art District
2012 - Group exhibition of “From Jogja With Love” in Taksu Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2013 - Group exhibition of “Homoluden” with Emmitan Gallery at Bali, Indonesia
2013 - Exhibition of “ArtJog” in Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2014 - Exhibition of “ArtJog” in Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Impression of Indonesia

Over the past year, I had the pleasure of visiting many artists in the de facto art capital of Indonesia – Yogyakarta. I encountered a vibrant and diverse artist community creating outstanding work that are geared increasingly to an international audience and yet firmly rooted in their distinct culture.

My excitement towards Indonesian contemporary art is shared by both the local and international art community. The booming art industry is spurred by the strong domestic economic growth with The Economist predicting the country’s GDP surpassing that of the U.K. by 2030. With affluence has come a desire on the part of the growing middle class to acquire art. Demand has pushed up prices, which in turn has precipitated investment in the local gallery and auction infrastructure. Sotheby’s and Christie’s have representatives in Jakarta, as does Gagosian Gallery. In 2013, Art Stage Singapore created a dedicated Indonesian Art Pavilion.

Over next two months, we will present several Indonesian artists at LWH Gallery, Shanghai. The curated pieces were selected to give visitors a glimpse of the diverse range of painting styles and models, but more importantly it offers one an introduction to the broad range of topics and issues that are the engaging the mind and soul of the Indonesian artistic community.

Come join us in this art journey into the soul of Indonesia.