I believe that each of us has a unique talent and we have a special role to play in life. But when bounded by circumstances, confronted with challenges and fuelled with scepticism, some may resigned to what life brings and hence may not realize his potential. Even so, I still believe we can. I believe that each of our potential and our role in life is beyond the social roles we played or determined by our profession. It is beyond words, beyond space, beyond time. It is limited by our own imagination.

What your talent? An accountant, a painter, or doctor? Or perhaps a child, a parent or a friend. Think about being a leader or supporter, maybe even a doubter or a destroyer. Why not a sun, a rain, or the wind or colour? Perhaps even a light, a hope, a bridge or a harbour? The possibilities are endless.

There are different roles we could play in life, at different time in a day, in week and in a lifetime. We contribute to this world, regardless if we do so intentionally or not. Why confine yourself to a limited set of roles or possibilities? Who is stopping you from defining them? Ultimately, perhaps one could ask – are you consciously and intently living life or letting time waste it?

In this exhibition, some artists confront the scepticism while others imagine the impossible. But ultimately, each of them is attempting to realise and convey about the significance of each their role in life and hopefully inspire others to also explore and to do likewise.

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” – Alan Turing

Imagine a kinder world – a special commission project by Lu De Sheng & LWH

Many expatriates appreciate the hospitality and friendship that they enjoyed while living in China. However, they have also observed that many Chinese do not respond when Chinese service providers greet them. Some friends have attempted to justify these behaviours due to the Chinese’s reserved nature or the lack of trust in society. Others explained that many Chinese feel that to serve is lowly. It confounds these expatriates how Chinese treat fellow Chinese so differently and do not extend the same courtesy and kindness that they have enjoyed. In this project, we invite people to express gratitude and appreciation to one and all. A video recording will be projected at the entrance of the gallery to welcome all visitors. We believed that as more people jump into this bandwagon, we could make the world a better and kinder place for all. Of course, there will be doubters and others who look at this endeavour with scepticism. But what have we got to lose? Keep doing this and we can the world.

Imagine Your Possibility? 然并卵 (Ran Bing Luan) by Lu De Sheng

As we become more connected and more information is shared across the globe, the world may seem like a harsher place than before. War, famine, refugee, pollution, crime… the list goes on. But has the world indeed become worse? Or it is just our perception of it. Ultimately it is reality. Regardless if we know; do not know; want to know or do not want to know; what is happening around us – has happened. For many people, these issues seem so far away, it has minimal impact on their lives. Indifference, cynicism, resignation they are such a ubiquitous feeling and phenomena that in China that there is new term for it. But if you think about it, is it really that distant from us?

“Ran Bing Luan ” is a popular internet acronym coined in 2015, The phase refers to some thing that seem very complex, but actually there is no substantive effect, nor have the desired outcome. It is used to express frustration and ridicule. This art project attempts to alleviate the sense of helplessness and frustration facing individuals, groups and societies today. We invite participants to express their frustration over issues that they wish to highlight. Participants choose the location that reflect their concerns and take a self -portrait with the 3 Chinese characters imbedded on their naked body. First two Chinese characters ‘然并’ are reflected on the face and chest. The last Chinese character ‘卵’- which means egg, is represented by the reproductive organ.

Imagine the Impossible – by Su Zhen Xiao
We are limited by our senses and influenced by our own interpretation. It is confined by our senses and logic. It is coloured by our predisposition and experiences. But we have a ‘heart’. It is the heart that drives us to bring the seemingly impossible into fruition.

Can fishes be swimming in the air?
Yes, it can. It is in your heart!

Imagine the Origin of Man by Lei Yun Rui

As one grows older, we loose our childlike innocence. Our thoughts and behaviour are coloured by social conditioning and experiences. Our world is tinted by prejudices and emotions. Lei was intrigued by the creation of man and studied the Christian Bible. However, his works exude Buddhism influences. This is because Lei wishes to express the ‘original state of man’ from a philosophical rather than from only a theological perspective. In addition, Lei’s has also skilfully infused a Yin-Yang quality into his works. Each of the glasswork exudes a childlike innocence, but at the same time embodies the strength of a grown man. There is vigour and vulnerability, radiance and serenity. The result is a unique series of artwork that is an eclectic embodiment of influences and ideas from Buddhism, Christianity and Taoism.

Imagine the Power of Love 不可能的爱
by Shunzi 顺子

Fine Point Ink on Paper

Shunzi’s mother was once very ill. But he was not able to be by her side. He was most concerned about her wellbeing and was at lost as to how he could help her. As such he does he what he does best – he paints. For days on ends, painted day and night, hoping that his conviction will touch the heavens. He created one of his largest and most detailed works – of many women in prayer in different directions. The highly decorated woman is inspired by the benevolence and wisdom of a “Bodhisattva” – who is known for compassion and answering man’s prayer in times of need.

In some way, each of Shunzi’s work speaks of love and compassion, between family members, between friends, or even strangers. Love is our life giver, our nurturer, our protector, our harbor.

Shunzi’s mum is now in the pink of health.