Artist Story
Born in 1985, Harun graduated from the Visual Art Facullty in Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta – one of the leading art institutions in Indonesia.


Harun believes that the human beings can create a variety of infinite possibilities and discoveries in many ways. However, he is concerned that unfortunately, sometimes such intelligence is being applied for less the betterment of mankind and the environment.


In many of his works, Harun attempts to communicate his concerned of the hollowing of human soul the rise of indiscriminate and excessive consumption that has almost become a mandatory component of modern living. Through his works, the artist highlights the plight of the fringed and exploited, be it the new migrants who engaged in daily battle of survival in compressed city spaces, or the village farmers whose livelihood are at the peril of capitalist and government officials. He hopes that through his works, there will be a greater awareness of the state of affair and that man will utilise his infinite intelligence for the greater good.

2004 - Exhibited at Kulon Progo Artist Community ‘Birth of Yogjakarta city’ at TMII Jakarta
2004 - Exhibition community “Proses” (Process) at Wates Yogyakarta
2004 - Last Task Exhibition of SMSR Jogjakarta at Benteng Vredenberg, Yogyakara
2005 - “Birth of Wates City” at Wates Yogyakarta
2005 - “Glagah Fair” at Wates Yogyakarta
2007 - “Ekspresi Joglo Semar” TBS Solo Central Java
2007 - “1001 Mysteries of Borobudur” Pondok Tinggal Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia
2007 - “Birth of SMSR Yogyakarta” at Museum Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta
2008 - Exhibited at “The Highlight” at Jogja National Museum, Indonesia
2008 - Exhibited at 1st Edition Golden Box Catalogue at Jogja Gallery
2008 - “Cat Air” at Katamsi Gallery ISI Yogjakarta
2009 - “Disambar Desember” Museum Benteng Vredenberg Yogyakarta
2009 - “Back to Culture” Jogja National Museum
2009 - “2 x 3” at Kersan Art Studio Yogyakarta
2009 - “TK Festival” Museum Benteng Vredenberg Yogyakarta
2009 - “Parade Topeng Monyet” Balai Sriwijaya Yogjakarta
2009 - “Senang-senang” Tujuh bintang Art Space Yogyakarta/td>
2010 - “Gumregah Jogja Bangkit” Jogja National Museum
2010 - Group exhibition “Art Is Our Life” at Budapest and Hungary
2011 - “Disambar Desember” ISI Gallery Yogyakarta
2011 - “In Flux” at Jogja Gallery
2012 - “Mata-Mata Kecil” at Angsa Café Yogyakarta
2012 - “Nagari Nyayogyakarta Hadiningrat” at Jogja National Museum
2012 - “Angkatan lukis 07 ISI Jogja” at Tembi Rumah Budaya, Indonesia
2013 - Group exhibition “Reading Identity” Down Town Art Walk, Los Angeles, USA
2013 - “Spot Art 2013 Young Artist Festival” Singapore ARTrium, MICA, Singapore
2013 - “Ruang dan Harapan” (Space & Hope) at Galeri Biasa Yogyakarta
2013 - “Babaran” at Asdrafi Art Space Yogyakarta