Hein Thit

Artist Story
Hein Thit grew up during the time of the socialist government. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn art under the tutelage of various artists such as U Tin Aye, U Kyaw Lay, U Thit Lwin Soe and U Muang Myint Aung. In Andrew Randard’s publication – “Burmaese Painting – A linear and lateral history”, Hein Thit was recognised as one of the key modernist artist in Myanmar.


Although his works often portray and celebrate the female form, this series of very unique Buddhism inspired works offers one a rare glimpse of Hein Thit’s artistic interpretation of its teachings and philosophy.


While Hein Thit’s signature swirling bold strokes continue to pervade in this series of works, each painting is detailed by various soft lines – an ode to one of Buddhism’s teachings on the importance of balance. He believed that any simple artistic creation has a great power of its own. The strong circular brush stroke present at the top of most of the paintings symbolises the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Befittingly it is often the final stroke in the completion of each of these painting.


1971 - Born in East Pauk Taw Village in Pyay Township, Myanmar
1991 - Graduate from the State School of Fine Arts, Yangon
2000 - Group exhibition “Artistic Touch” at Lokanet Gallery,Yangon
2004 - Regular Exhibition of New Treasure Art Gallery, Yangon
2004 - Group exhibition at Karin Weber Gallery, Group Show, Hong Kong
2004 - Solo exhibition “Beauty of Nothing” at AZADA Gallery, Yangon
2005 - Group exhibition “05 Figures” at Studio Square in Yangon
2006 - Group exhibition “New Zero” at Lawkanat Art Gallery in Yangon
2006 - Group exhibition “Myanmar Contemporary Art Show” in Chiang Mai, Thailand
2007 - Group exhibition “Recent works of” at Studio Square, Yangon
2007 - Group exhibition at Karin Weber Art Gallery, Hong Kong
2008 - Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2008 Finalist Exhibition, Strand Hotel, Yangon
2008 - Group exhibition of “Nargis Relief Art Show” at Yangon and Mandalay
2008 - Solo exhibition “Once Were Warriors” – Two Man show with Tin Win – River Gallery
2009 - “Asean Contemporary Art Exchange” at New Zero Art Space, Yangon
2009 - Group exhibition “The Mandalay Arm Art Show” at Pan Thu Sandar Art Gallery, Mandalay
2010 - “2010 Exhibition-2” at Gallery of Sin Byu Daw, Mandalay.
2010 - Group exhibition at ‘Myanmar Art & Culture” at Boston USA
2010 - Group exhibition of New Zero Donation Art Show” at New Zero Art Space, Yangon
2010 - Flowers of Future Donation Art Exhibition, Kaba Aye Youth Training School, Yangon
2011 - Group exhibition of “OnGoing Echo2” Myanmar-Indonesia Art Exchange at Tanah Tho Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2011 - Group exhibition with Gallery Verde, New York, USA
2011 - Group exhibition Snow Set Art Show 2011 at Ministry of Culture Art Gallery, Yangon
2011 - Exhibition of “Recent Works of Studio Square” at Studio Square, Yangon
2012 - Save the war victims” Charity Exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar.
2012 - Group exhibition of Third Wave Indo-Myanmar” at Camera 6 Gallery, Jakarta
2012 - Group exhibition of South-east Asia Art Exchnage at Beikthano Gallery, Yangon.
2012 - Group exhibition “Exposition L’Art Au Myanmar” at Galerie Art Concorde, Paris
2013 - Solo exhibition “Matters in Second Skin, Studio Square Gallery, Yangon