Ngo Van Sac

Artist Story
My art work is about desires, the tension between real life and fantasies and the complicated relationships among humans. I want to show my emotions and share my own stories. I am interested in artworks that are created from different materials, such as wood cut combined with newspaper, sand or acrylic. I like strong renderings of figure, the effect of different surface textures and strong contrast between black and white. The inspiration for my work comes from my daily life.


Concrete figurative details and simple empty spaces refer to both real and unreal life as well as to dreams about myself. Each circumstance creates complex emotion- whether people are alone or sitting together, talking – and this is something I want to show and share. Today, we communicate with email, cell phones and other communication technologies. The distance between humans is growing. We need to spend more time talking directly to one another and share our emotions.



1982 - Born in Hanoi, Vietnam
1999 - Graduated from Hanoi Institute of Fine Art
1999 - Won prize of Vietnamese Association at National Student Exhibition
2000 - Exhibited in National exhibition, Hanoi Vietnam
2001 - Exhibited in Asean Philip Morris exhibition at National Fine Art Museum, Hanoi Vietnam
2002 - Workshop in Goethe Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam
2003 - Exhibited in Asean Philip Morris Exhibition
2004 - Exhibited in Capital Exhibition, Hanoi Vietnam. Second prize at National Fine Art University Student Exhibition
2004 - Graduate with a Masters from Vietnam Fine Art University
2005 - Exhibited in National Exhibition Hanoi, Vietnam
2007 - Exhibited in 1st Malaysia International Art Expo
2008 - Graduated with Master of Fine Arts from Vietnam Fine Art University
2008 - Solo exhibition at Loft Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2008 - Group exhibition at TIME Gallery (Vienna- Austria). Workshop and exhibited in International Symposium (Kenimajor – Hungary)
2008 - Exhibited in MANIF International Art Fair (Seoul Art Central, Korea)
2009 - Solo exhibition at National fine art Museum – Hanoi Vietnam
2010 - Sketch solo exhibition at National University of Teacher, Hanoi Vietnam