About LWH Gallery

I believe that life is a learning journey.

I have always had an unexplained affinity to Buddhism inspired crafts. I have never thought much about it for I assumed that I collected them simply because I had managed to snuggle a moment of peace in that reflective face of a meditative Buddha, or find pleasure from cupping the soothing curves of a well crafted bowl. It all seems purely coincidental until one day I was told by a passing psychic that in my previous life, I was a monk.

Growing up in Singapore where many religions coexist harmoniously, I have always been open to the teachings of different faiths. As I worked overseas and travelled extensively, I developed a greater appreciation of different cultures, religions and their art form.

Hence in this gallery, you are likely to find not just contemporary Asian art that contemplates about the quiet influences of Buddhism, but also artworks by emerging Asian artist that reflect the confluences of many developments happening across Asia.

Should you decide to bring home a piece of art from this gallery, I sincerely wish that you may find something more than just an aesthetic piece of art form. Hopefully, you may learn from an artist’s life journey, find a moment of peace or perhaps even like me, discover something you never knew about yourself. We hope you enjoy the artworks.

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