LWH Gallery is proud to present the solo exhibition of multiple award-winning Thai artist – Chatchawan Rodklongtan. Chatchawan is a highly regarded contemporary artist in his home country. His honors roll includes two top prizes from the Phillip Morris Art Award, and prestigious national accolades for his portraits of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His works are in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok and the Oita Beppu Art Museum, Beppu, Japan.

Chatchawan’s signature style involves paintings of golden light illuminating behind glided doors complete with walls of intricate details with symbolic Thai motifs. In Chatchawan’s paintings, gold colour expresses faith while darkness symbolises ignorance. The mesmerising light that breaks through the gates stands for the light of knowledge. Each of his works conveys his idealism into images that integrate Buddhism doctrines.

The intricate motifs on the walls represent the earthly struggles and mortal temptations. As one overcome them, a gilded door bestowed with auspicious Buddhism motif opens to invite one towards the light of illumination.

According to Chatchawan, “Everyone likes happiness. And what exactly is true happiness? This has been the initial concept of my work for more than 15 years. It briefly touches upon the direction of my personal life, my experiences, what I’ve seen and know to that of my psyche, finding inspiration from faith. It is a composition of the principles of Dharma and Buddhism. However, Buddhism is not a belief or about faith. It is about a path that someone directs us to, but it depends on the individual, whether or not they are ready to open the door and embark the path on their own.”

Chatchawan’s artistic mastery and detail works are in full glory in not just the illuminated section of his paintings. Often the finest details are found in the faintest of light where it conceals a high degree of artistic details that are only visible upon close inspection. The darkness is symbolic of struggle that man face in his darkest hours. Nevertheless with determination and will, the doors that glow in celestial splendor calls upon man towards betterment.

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Colours Of Myanmar

LWH Gallery is proud to present Khin Muang Zaw’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. This exhibition presents a selection of Mr Khin’s fine watercolour paintings, from vibrant landscape to cultural sights of Myanmar.

The exhibition will be held at the award winning Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily for month of July 2013.

For an evening of art and dining, please call +65 6339 9448

Charoen Marboot

Artist Story
Khun Charoen is presently an artist with Thailand’s National Fine Arts Department. At a tender age, he has won multiple prizes, earned a scholarship and participated in many exhibitions even before graduating with honours at the Rajamangala Institute of Technology in 1997.


Although he excels in Thai traditional painting styles, he does refrain from doing contemporary works. His series of “Power in the City” displays his deft skills in traditional Thai paintings technique and yet the composition is overall presented in a very contemporary manner. His message in this series of works is to convey his concern over the overwhelming urbanisation of big cities like Bangkok and the gradual erosion of faith and religiosity.



1973 - Born at Phayao, Thailand
1992 - Group exhibition at 50th Years Anniversary of National Bank.
1993 - Group exhibition at 60th Anniversary of Nakonton Bank, National Culture Center
1994 - Participated in Thai painting contest of Poh Chang Institute Collage
1995 - Group exhibition at 50th Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the throne Commemorative by the Thai Army
1995 - Art for Commemorate of Poh Chang Institute of Technology’s Birthday
1995 - Participate in the Postage Stamp Art by the Communications Authority of Thailand Philatelic Division from 1995 – 1997
1996 - Participate in Art of Bua-Laung at Bangkok Bank from 1996 – 1999
1997 - Graduate with Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Thai Traditional Painting, Rajamangala Institute of Technology. Graduated with 2nd degree honour
1997 - Group exhibition at Art of the Thai Painting Environment by Mitsubishi
1997 - Group exhibition at 12th PTT Art Competition at the National Gallery
1997 - Group exhibition at 24th Anniversary of Thai Traditional Art at Grand Hall, River City
1998 - Group exhibition at 65th Years of Singha art exhibition at Thai National Culture
1999 - Group exhibition for the 72nd Birthday of His Majesty the King’s at Fortune Hotel
1999 - Participate in group exhibition “Art for the celebrations of His Majesty the King’s” at Thai Farmers Bank
2000 - Participate at “The original silk screen painting on clothes of Thai occupation” Support Foundation at Silpakorn University
2001 - Group exhibition at the 47th National Art at the National Gallery, Bangkok
2001 - Participate in “The original of embroider painting for Thai occupation” Support Foundation at Bangkok Bank
2001 - Participate in “The original silk screen painting on clothes in topic of Rice” for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej
2002 - Participate Art Painting for the King in concept “As the King in the heart of the artist” by I.C.C. International Public Company Limited at Silom Gallery
2003 - Group exhibition of Thai Traditional Art of Poh-Chang Celebrating its 90th Anniversary at Grand Hall, River City
2004 - Participate in art couples “Thai Painting Smooth as Brush” at River City, Bangkok
2005 - Participate in Art Group Workshop and Exhibition at Philippines
2007 - Participate in Art Group “Thai painting smooth of line and colour” at River City, Bangkok
2008 - Group exhibition for His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary, by kasikorn Bank at Siam Paragon
2010 - Solo Thai painting exhibition “Ganesha” with publication of “Painting of Ganesha”


Awards and Honours

1994 - Awarded scholarship by Prince Chrome Narisaranuvattiwong, Plaineon Palace
1996 - Awarded 2nd & 3rd prizes for Postage Stamp Design Contest by Communications Authority of Thailand Philatelic Division
1997 - The Best Creative prize, “Painting for Virtuous and Construct” by Mitsubishi
1998 - Awarded Contemporary Thai Art Prize at “Singha 65 years” by Boonrowd Brewery Company
2001 - 2nd prize of “The original silk screen painting on clothes in topic of Rice” from the royal concept of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej
2001 - Appointed Artist member of Thai Mural Painting, Sketching and Enlargement from 2001 to 2003, for the Drawing Phuttharattana Temple at the Royal Palace from the concept of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej