Kyaw Nyo

Artist Story

Kyaw Nyo is inspired by the beauty of nature, in particular the native trees of Myanmar and their different leaves. Born in 1980 in Yangon, Kyaw Nyo holds BA in Painting and Oriental Studies from National University of Culture and the Dagon University respectively. He studies the colour, shape, size and texture of leaves, but for him, the texture is the most moving. The techniques he developed enable him to reproduce faithfully the texture of the leaves. On most of these collages, there are several layers of leaves, which he builds up over days and weeks.
The starting point for all his works is the natural organic material of the leaf – the emotions evoked in his selection of leaves determines the colours that he will use in these works. He often favours the fiery colours of autumn with reds, gold and yellows. His works often create unexpected vistas from beautiful, but common materials. They make us see the humble leaf in a new way. He selects the leaves for his artworks carefully, looking for ones that suggest different elements to him. Some of the leaves look as if they are flying through the air, while others suggest meditative ponds and flowing water.
International Exhibitions
2009 – Myanmar Discovered, Group show, HK
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show, Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning, Group show, Princeton, USA
2011 – Gallery Verde, Group Show, New York, USA
2012 – Burma Rising, Art Exhibition, Hamptons, NY, USA
Group Exhibitions
2002 – Junior Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2003 – Art Exhibition on Degree Pieces, National Theater, Yangon
2005 – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sakura Tower, Yangon
2005 – Group Show, Orient Art Gallery, Yangon
2007 – Tun Foundation Art Exhibition, Yangon
2008 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Old State School of Fine Art, Yangon
2008 – Group Show, Foundation of Loving Kindness Art Exhibition, Yadanapon Hall, Yangon
2009 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Old State School of Fine Art, Yangon
2010 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Aligar Gallery, Yangon
2010 – Going Together Art Exhibition, Lokanat gallery, Yangon
2010 – Tun Foundation Art Exhibition, Yangon
2011 – The GIVERS Art exhibition, (Ministry of Culture Art Gallery), Yangon.
2011 – TUN Foundation Art exhibition, Yangon.

Co Thiee

Artist Story

Co Thiee was born in Yangon in 1963. As a highly regarded professional painter and designer, his works has been shown in more than 20 local and international group exhibitions. He creates art to express different feelings about religion. His works explore the idea of “meritorious deeds”. His aim is to share the feeling of happiness and meritorious deed in others. He sees a sense of serenity in monks and nuns, and he strives to recreate this feeling through portraying them in daily situation. He said, “We forget that monks and nuns are humans too, but through the practice of meditation and mindfulness, they exude an aura of peace and happiness that other people can feel when they see them.”

Second Prize at Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, River Gallery, The Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
International Exhibitions
2004 – ACD Group Show, Singapore
2010 – Myanmar Art Centre, Group Show, Singapore
2014 – ‘Politics, Business and Human Rights’ Group Exhibition, Murdoch University
2014 – ‘Painting Myanmar’ Ten Perspective on a Changing Country, Hong Kong Baptist University
2015 – ‘Myanmar in Motion’, Shanghai, China
Group Exhibitions
1992 – 2nd Illustrator Group Show, Yangon
1993 – 3rd Illustrators Group Show, Yangon
1994 – 4th Illustrators Group Show, Yangon
1996 – White Line Gallery Group Show, Yangon
1996 – New Interior Design with Charl Orchad (UK), Yangon
1997 – New Interior Design with Charl Orchad (UK), Yangon
1997 – Orient Art Gallery Group show, Yangon
1997 – Art Club Gallery Group Show, Yangon
2004 – Inner Light Contemporary Art Group Show, Yangon
2005 – Bogyoke Market Group Show, Yangon
2006 – Mind of the Line Group show, Yangon
2006 – Myanmar Un-trying Art Show, Yangon
2006 – Colour House Art Group Show, Yangon
2006 – Yae Na Tha Group Show, Yangon
2007 – Myanmar Graphic Art Show, Yangon
2008 – Illustrator Art Group Show, Yangon
2010 – Art Garden Group Show, Yangon
2011 – Myanmar National Portrait Competition, Finalist Exhibition, Strand Hotel, Yangon

S Moe Z

Artist Story

Since first time I set eyes on Moe Z’s works, I have witnessed a heartening evolution over the years. His powerful and politically charged works are sought after in American and European art centres. Born in 1977, Moe Z graduated from the State School of Fine Art in the year 2000.
The dominant presence of monks and nuns in unity evoke memories of the tumultuous times when segments of the country’s Buddhist establishments where involved in the civilian upsurge against the militant junta. It is as such heartening to see that over the years, like the country, Moe Z’s works are beginning to show signs of hopes and optimism, with the latest works featuring a young novice in hopeful prayer against a backdrop of illuminating light.
“I appreciate the value of light. Because of light, we can feel and see all objects. In my paintings, I always paint darkness in order to appreciate the light. Without light, everything is impossible. The darkness in the paintings represents suffocation in this country where most people are struggling to survive. There is a little hope, which is like a dim flickering light. The main feature of my composition is this contrast between darkness and light. The subject of my work – monks and nuns – is almost incidental.” – S Moe Z
International Exhibitions

2007 – Art from Myanmar, Group Show, New York, USA
2009 – Myanmar Discovered, Group Show, HK
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning Group show, Princeton, USA
2011 – Gallery Verde, Group Show, New York, USA
2011 – Five Myanmar Painters, Group Show, Kingstion, USA
2011 – Eye on Burma Group Show, the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012 – Burma Rising, Group Exhibition, NY, USA
2012 – Anniversary Art Show of the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2013 – Wonder in the Land – Group Exhibition, The East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Burmese Spring at First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Leading Lights/New Works, ARTA Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Burmese Spring; at Fragrant Wood Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Funf Kontinente Museum – Group exhibition, Munich, Germany

Group Exhibitions
1998 – 14 Faces Art Exhibition, Orient Art Gallery, Yangon
1998 – Mother’s day Exhibition, Yangon
1998 – New Plantation Group Show, National Museum, Yangon
1999 – New Nursery Art Show National Museum, Yangon
2001 – New Nursery Art Show Group Show, Yangon
2002 – Unity Art Show, Yangon
2004 – The Breeze Group Show, Yangon
2007 – 99 Classic, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2008 – 99 Classic, Thamada Hall, Yangon
2008 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2009 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2010 – 99 classic group show, Yangon
2010 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2011 – Kayin Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon
2011 – To the Beach Art Show, Cyan Bay Art Gallery, Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State
2011 – Finalist for Best painting of the Year Exhibition, Yangon
2011 – Dancing Hue Art Show, Bogyoke Market, Yangon
2012 – July Image Art Exhibition, Taw Win Center, Yangon
2012 – Impressive Art Exhibition, Art Plus Art Gallery, Yangon
2012 – Kayin Diary, Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon
2013 – Color Rain Art Show (Orient Art Gallery)
2015 – 3rd Northern Breeze Group Art Exhibition, Myanmar Artists Organization, Yangon

Win Tint

Artist Story

Born in Pyinmana, Myanmar in 1966, Win Tint is a highly respected art teacher in Myanmar. His works are in the collection of Myanmar’s National Museum. As disciple of renowned Myanmar Impressionist artists – U Lun Gywe, Win Tint feels that while he can teach the techniques of painting to his students, he cannot impart the sense of feeling of art. At first glance, the patterns of lines, brushworks, figures, space and forms, evoke impressionist artworks that are realistic but at the same time dreamlike in emotion. In these ‘vast’ spaces, the clarity and blurriness, the light and shade, of dissolving colours create a serene beauty that is in contrast with the usually crowded Shwedagon Temple from which the paintings derive its inspiration.
Win Tint recounts a time when a friend after viewing his collection of works, suggested that he paints something other than monasteries and pagodas. He calmly replied to his friend “You still haven’t seen what I paint.”

Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2004 (Finalist)

Solo Exhibitions

2004 – First Solo Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2006 – Outstanding Light, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2012 – Win Tint Solo Art Work, Culture Bridge Gallery
2013 – Light and Gold, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

Group Exhibitions

2001 – New Nursery Art & Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum, Yangon.
2003 – Page 2003, Contemporary Art Show, Yangon, Myanmar and Hong Kong
2004 – Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2004
2008 – Donation for Nargis Art Show
2008 – U Thu Kha, Memorial 2008
2009 – My Collection Art Exhibition, Myanmar Art Center
2009 – My Favourite Art Exhibition, Myanmar Art Center
2009 – Truth, Beauty, Joy, Contemporary Paintings Myanmar Art Center
2010 – The Arts Gate Art Exhibition
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning Group Show, Princeton, USA
2010 – Spectrum Art Exhibition, IBC, Yangon.
2011 – The Art Gate Art Exhibition
2011 – Shwe Generation Art Exhibition
2011 – Water Color Painting Art Exhibition
2011 – The Friend Art Exhibition
2011 – November Art Exhibition
2011 – Empathy Art Exhibition
2012 – The Art Gate Art Exhibition
2012 – Charity Art Exhibition, Marketplace, City Mart
2012 – Impressive Art Exhibition, Art Plus Art Gallery
2013 – 20th Year Orient Art Gallery Show, Yangon
2014 – Color Palette Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2015 – Colour Image, Group Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

Guo Shi Jun

Artist Story
Guo Shi Jun was born in Shandong, China in 1987. A graduate of the prestigious China Fine Art Academy, his award winning wins has won fans locally and a far. Create using a combination of photography, fine ink paint and digital technology; Shi Jun’s work explores the relationship between man and God.

The inspiration from this series of works stems from the artist’s interpretation of the interaction between man and God. , the mortality of man and the immortality of god. According to Chinese belief, Man lives from the energy of heaven and earth, based on the laws of the four seasons. Gods are all energy, they are all life – all are interconnected as such.

Creative direction of the works are from heaven, earth, man and sea, leading to the creation of 4 key works, which are namely, “天禄” (Tianlu),,”蓝翎” (Lanling),,”金银玄, 爻手” (Jinyin Xuan, Yao hand], and “玳瑁” (Dai Mao), They symbolically represented, deer, bird, sea turtle, Gold/Sliver Elements, Hexagram, and Sea Turtle. The artistic expression draws from both traditional and popular culture and popular culture, seeking a confluence between ancient and modern aesthetic sensibilities.

The audience will find both familiarity and mythical elements in the presentation of the man / woman form in the works, almost to the point of a very fine line between reality and dreams, a metaphor expressing the close, intertwined and inextricable relationship between man and God.

Overall, the final works are real and imaginary, soft and strong, ancient & modern mortal and mythical. Looking at the work is like standing in front of the mirror, the picture of the “they” reflect “us”, and let us ask ourselves who are we?

Lu De Sheng

Artist Story
Born in Anhui, China, De Sheng graduated from Anhui University. In 2014, he was awarded the Silver prize both at Wuhu Fine Art & Calligraphy Biennale and the Marley Art Prize Exhibition
De Sheng’s works reflect his sensitive and unique perspective of the world around him. Many a times, he wonders about the story of the people he comes across during a public commute, be it in a city or a overnight train. Some snore through the long arduous train journey while other stares into constant flashes of the scenery beyond. Most distinctively De Sheng always seems to be able capture character’s the untold stories in the most unexpected moments.
In his latest works, De Sheng deliberates on China’s homage to massive economic and social redevelopment. Relentless hacking balls dot the nation’s landscape. Homes are torn down and communities are displaced. People walk pass them by everyday. They try to musk from themselves from the pervasive dust. Such common sights never seem to affect anyone least the displaced. But..
What if it is the playground where you cherish your childhood memories?
What if it is the place where you bond with your best friends?
What if it means that your memories will be erased?
What if it means that you will be forgotten?
He than painted famous landmarks, such as the Arc De Triomphe, Tiananmen or the Great Wall on community walls that are slated for demolition and proceed to record the eventual downfall of these monuments. According to De Sheng, these “eternal monuments’ are highly symbolic, emotive and perhaps even spiritual for many people. They represent our past, our future, our victories, our achievements, our failures, our vanities and humility. Perhaps it is even a testimony of our pursuit for eternality…for immortality. As civilization rises and descent, when edifice emerge and collapse, De Sheng wonders, what happen if one were to witness their eventual fall from grace and adoration. Will one be as indifferent?
2011 – Marley Art Prize Exhibition at Anhui Normal University Museum, Wuhu
2012 – Wuhu City 2nd Oil Painting Exhibition
2013 – Anhui Province 1st Toner Show at Benjamin Art Centre, Hefei
2014 – John Moores Prize (China) Exhibition at Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai.
2014 – Wuhu City 1st Youth Art Exhibition, Wuhu City Cultural Center, Wuhu.
2014 – Anhui Province 5th Art Exhibition, Anhui Normal University Museum, Wuhu;
2014 – 4th National University Student Art Exhibition, Tianjin.
2014 – Wuhu Art Calligraphy Biennale, Silver Award, Wuhu Art Museum
2014 – Eternal Monuments – Performance Art Project, Wuhu

Chen Ke

Artist Story
Art has always been the medium from which man conveys his innermost thoughts and emotions, from primiive cave paintings of hunting scenes to the finest renassisumance works depicting celestial splendour. Art has always been the platform for which was celebrate the achievenement of man and the blessings of God.
Over last century Art has evolved from the two dimensional sphere to the multi-dimensional digital realm. And before the arrival of smart phones or even the computer, the television is the probably the most iconic symbol of the early digital age.
From being a medium of communication, the digital world has now evolved to become a medium of consumption. From expression of our inner most thougts to the fulfillment of desires. Through the digital platform, we can now easily fullfill our most basic wishes to fueling the innermost carnal desire.
Today, the digital realm has evolved to allow to overcome our physical and intellectual limitations. It has become our answers to many of our prayaers and wishes. Has it become our new “Idol”. And if not now, who is to deny the possibility that the digital realm will evolved with an integrated intelligence surpass the capibilties of man and become our new “God”.
Chen Ke graduated from the prestigious China Academy of Fine Arts. A multiple award-winning artist from Hunan, his works are currently in the collection of Beijing Today Art Museum and the Suzhou Museum of Art.
Chen Ke whitewashed early televisions sets as symbol of the rebirth and evolution. From two-dimensional paintings to three dimension installation art to the multi-faceted presentation of sciences, man and his fearsome God, Chen’s work is a multi-dimensional discourse of life, death, illness, doubt, desire, sexual fantasies, privacy, mystery, fear…
2006 – “Art for Making the World a Better Place” exhibition, Shanghai M50
2006 – “Star of the Century Oil Painting Exhibition”, Winner of the Excellent Prize, Hangzhou Art Museum of The China Academy of Art
2007 – “Star of the Century Oil Painting Exhibition”, Winner of the Excellent Prize, Hangzhou Art Museum of The China Academy of Art
2007 – “99 Tents, 99 Dreams ” Art Exhibition Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum
2007 – Annual Art Student Excellence Award Exhibition, Beijing Today Art Museum
2007 – “What’s That” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hangzhou A8 Art Commune
2007 – “345” Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
2008 – “Impression of Desire” exhibition, Suzhou Museum of Art
2008 – China Academy of Art, Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, Hangzhou Yannan Art Institutions
2008 – “Eighteen Case Study” China Experimental Art exhibition Hangzhou Art Museum,
2008 – Hangzhou Young Artist Exhibition, Shanghai Sach Gallery
2008 – “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form” Henan Art Museum
2012 – 5th China International Youth Art Week — Contemporary Art Exhibition, He Art Gallery, Beijing 798
2012 – “CIYAF” — Contemporary Art Exhibition, He Art Gallery, Beijing 798
2014 – 1st Post Realist Exhibition, Beijing Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Yanjiao
2014 – 798 Art Festival “Exhibition of Experimental Young Artists “, Beijing 798 Art District

Zi Won Wang

Artist Story
Wang considers it important for man to learn to break free from our bondage with our physical body in order to achieve harmony between men and machines. He thinks this harmony can be achieved through the process of religious practices and spiritual enlightenment,  just like Buddha is a being who reaches the highest level of enlightenment. The artist has no intention to emphasize religious connotations through those Buddhist iconography inspired works. Rather is a platform to reflect his own or our own existence between utopia and dystopia.


Although his work stemmed from a personal narrative, it has gradually extended its domain to issues on human existence. Wang’s work aggressively questions on human existence and makes an attempt to graft this onto something mechanical rather than passively accepting the future.


So what lies ahead for us? Wang is hopeful humans will evolve and adapt themselves to enhanced science and technology.  He sees the future,  not as a fight to eliminate the negative, a defeat of the dystopia, or feud between good vs. evil. But rather it about is attainting that state of harmony and balance of life.


Born in 1980, Korea, Zi –Won Wang graduated from the Chung Ang University with a BA in Sculpture in 2005. He proceeded to complete his Masters in 2007. In addition to having multiple solo exhibitions in Seoul,  Tokyo and Amsterdam, Wang’s works have been shown in other major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai,  Chicago and New York.


2010 - Song Eun Award
2009 - 2010 Seoul City Nanji Art Studio,   7th Artist,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - The National Art Studio (Goyang),   4th Artist,   Gyeonggi-do,   Korea
2012 - 2014 Jang Heung Sculpture Atelier   3th Artist,   GyeonggI-do,   Korea


Solo Exhibition

2007 - ‘My name is Z’  Sungbo Gallery,  Seoul,   Korea (2007.06.16~06.22)
2008 - ‘Z’ Yoshiko Matsumoto Gallery, Netherlands (2008.02.20~03.30)
2008 - ‘Collective Intelligence’ Dukwon Gallery,  Seoul,  Korea (2008.08.08~08.24)
2010 - ‘Mechanical Nirvana’  355 Gallery,   Tokyo,   Japan (2010.11.06~11.25)
2011 - ‘Mechanical Xanadu’  GYM Project,   Seoul,   Korea (2011.11.30~12.14)
2013 - ‘Mechanical Samsara’  Kumsan Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2005 - ‘Neo imagination’ Ie-young Contemporary Art Museum, Gyeonggi-do. Korea
2006 - ‘Gosam-myeon reservoir Art Festival,   Gyeonggi-do Korea
2006 - ‘Beijing National Art College Interchange-Exhibition’,   Beijing,   China
2007 - ‘New a Spring’  Art Space Hyun,   Seoul,   Korea
2007 - ‘Park and Park’  Seoul foundation for Arts & Culture,   Seoul,   Korea
2007 - ‘Badaq with Z’ Badaq Bar,   Seoul,   Korea
2007 - ‘W Hotel Art & Wine’,   W Hotel,   Seoul,   Korea
2008 - ‘Longstory’  Amsterdam Museum of Art,   Amsterdam,   Netherlands
2008 - ‘RAI ( KunstRAI)’,   Amsterdam,   Netherlands
2009 - ‘Kring’  Kring Gallery,    Seoul,    Korea
2009 - ‘Emergency Room’ Kepco Plaza Gallery,    Seoul,    Korea
2009 - ‘I’ Gate Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2009 - ‘Robot City Masan’  3.15 Art Center,   Masan,   Korea
2009 - ‘Incheon International Digital Art Festival’,   Incheon,   Korea
2009 - ‘Combination of Science and Art’  Savina Museum,   Gwacheon Korea
2009 - ‘Scale of dragon’  Seoul Art Center,   Seoul,   Korea
2009 - ‘No…’  Gwangju Museum of Art,   Gwangju,   Korea
2009 - ‘I robot’ Soma Museum,   Seoul Korea
2009 - ‘Extended Movement’  Kring Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Wonder kiddy’  Gallery Ihn,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Korean Art Show’,   New York,   U.S.A
2010 - ‘Individuals’  Artpark Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Seogyo60’  Sangsangmadang Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Art Chicago’,   Chicago,   U.S.A
2010 - ‘First Decade’  Seoul Museum of Art,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Between and Tension’  Moran Museum of Art Gyeonggi-do,   Korea
2010 - ‘New faces’  Andrew Bae Gallery,   Chicago U.S.A
2010 - ‘The Lamp of the East preview’  Atelier Aki,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘The Lamp of the East’,   Mumbai,   India
2011 - ‘I Robot’ Chosun Art Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - ‘Song Eun Award’  Song Eun Art Space,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - ‘Hybrid Creativity’ Savina Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - ‘Intro’  The National Art Studio
2011 - ‘SCOPE Art Show’,   New York,   USA
2011 - ‘Homo_Substitutio’  LVS Gallery,   Seoul Korea
2011 - ‘Art Chicago’,   Chicago,   U.S.A
2011 - ‘ON. PLAN. MAKE.’  Televison12,   Seoul Korea
2011 - ‘Art Wave-Why Contemporary?’  Atelier Arki in VERSACE HOME,   Seoul Korea
2011 - ‘Haein Art Project‘  Sungbo Museum,   Hapcheon-gun,   Korea
2012 - ‘Being with You’  Behive Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2012 - ‘Kinetikos’  Space K,   Daejeon,   Korea
2012 - ‘ART NOVA 100’ Wie-e Museum, SZ Art Center,  Jiuchang Arario Gallery,  Beijing
2012 - ‘Gwangju Media Art Festival’  Asia Culture floor,   Gwangju,   Korea
2012 - ‘Don Quixote ’  Jangheung Sculpture Park,   Jangheung,   Korea
2012 - ‘Ancient Future’,   Culture Station Seoul 284,   Seoul,   Korea
2012 - ‘Art X Game – Bartz Revolutionary War’  Gyeonggi-do Musuem,   Korea
2012 - ‘Beautiful Star’ Beyond Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2013 - ‘Brilliant Yangpyeong’  Yangpyeong Museum,   Yangpyeong,   Korea
2013 - ‘Open mind’  KOTRA Open Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2013 - ‘Gravity & Time Moving Sculpture’ SOMA Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2013 - ‘(Utopia)²’  GS Caltax Yeulmaru Yesu,   Korea
2013 - ‘A Night on the Galactic Railroad’  Nampo Museum,   Goheung,   Korea
2013 - ‘Heterology’  Seoul Tech Museum of Art,   Seoul,   Korea
2014 - ‘Heterology’  Seoul Tech Museum of Art,   Seoul,   Korea
2014 - The Essence of ‘I’,   LWH Gallery,   Shanghai

Wahyu Gunawan

Artist Story
Wahyu’s visually captivating works speak of the drama in our world today. Surrealistic background serves as the stage for his fable characters, gaudy entertainers, fantasy figures to play out the spectrum of human traits & behaviour. And with a touch of fairy tale magic, he creates narrative paintings that seem to tell fantastical stories that are beyond the confines of a simple “Once upon a time…”. In the works ‘Kick East’ and ‘Invasion’, Wahyu expresses his concern on the winds of change that are sweeping across Asia today. He worries about the day when morality plays up against profit, it is profit that won with standing ovation.


Born 1975 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Wahyu enrolled in the prestigious In Indonesia Institute of Art. Upon graduation, he participated in numerous exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea. He was of the winners of 5 Best Nokia Indonesia Art Award (2000), finalist of Jakarta Art Award (2010), and winner of Highly-Commended Award of The prestigious UOB Painting of the Year Competition in 2011. His works are coveted by collectors in Asia, Europe and America and appears regularly in international auction houses.



1975 - Born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2004 - Graduate from Indonesia Institute of Art
2009 - Group exhibition “Hyperlink” Tujuh Bintang, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2009 - Group exhibition “CIGE” in Beijing, China
2009 - Group exhibition “Fabulous” in Koong Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2009 - Group exhibition “Taiwan Art Fair” in Taiwan
2009 - Group exhibition of “Survey” in Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2009 - Joint Exhibition of “Bersama-Sama (Together In)” at Koong Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 - Group exhibition of “Art Triangle” Matahati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2010 - Group exhibition of “Art Expo Malaysia” in Matrade Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2010 - Group exhibition of Bersama-sama in (Together In) JAD, Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 - Group exhibition of ” Together In’ Koong Gallery. Jakarta
2010 - Group exhibition of ” Percakapan Masa (Future Conversation)” in National Gallery, Jakarta
2010 - Group exhibition of “Jogja Art Fair 2010 “in Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
2010 - Group exhibition of “JAA” in Jakarta
2011 - Group exhibition of” Biennale Jatim” in Gallery Go Art Space, Surabaya
2011 - Group exhibition of “ASYAAF” in LVS Gallery, Seoul. Korea
2011 - Exhibition of “Art JOG” in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2011 - Exhibition of “UOB Painting of the Year ” in Jakarta, Indonesia
2011 - Group exhibition of “Intip” in JAD, Jakarta, Indonesia
2012 - Group exhibition of “Uijeongbu Art Center” in LVS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 - Exhibition of “Busan International Art Fair” in Seoul, Korea
2012 - Group exhibition of “Rame-rame” in Koong gallery, Jakarta Art District
2012 - Group exhibition of “From Jogja With Love” in Taksu Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2013 - Group exhibition of “Homoluden” with Emmitan Gallery at Bali, Indonesia
2013 - Exhibition of “ArtJog” in Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2014 - Exhibition of “ArtJog” in Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Aidi Yupri

Artist Story
Since young, Aidi Yupri’s father had taught him to sow, plant and take care of the different trees his plantation. Everyday, Aidi learned to hear their laments, their crying and their whimpers. But most importantly he also learned from the wisdom of nature


“The tree teaches us a lot about the essence of life. The world of trees and plants is an illuminating reality, providing the whole Earth with the necessary force of life.” said Aidi.


In his works ‘Self Reflection’, Aidi reminds all that Nature is a wonderful space of reflection and introspection. It is a mirror to view ourselves. The folded hands, gradually formed by countless alphabets, represent the deferential student who is open to learn and reflect from Nature’s teachings.


In his other work ‘The Inscription of Life’, Aidi is concern that for too long man has attempted to force nature to his will. It is vital we reflect upon our past actions and learned to work and live in harmony with Nature. Adapting from a famous verse by John F. Kennedy, Aidi espouses;


“Man should not ask how much Nature could provide for him, but ask how far he can go to preserve it”



1981 - Born in Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Perfomance art “Mbelgedes”, Reason Campaign Square Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “Art For Love”, Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Performance art “Three Duration Ask” Square Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition of Painting and Caricatures, Campus Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta
2004 - Exhibition “Puser’01 Group”, Yogyakarta Vredeburg, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “What news Magelang”, Tom Silver Magelang, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition Lustrum Exhibition IV at ISI Gallery, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “National Student Art Week”, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
2004 - Group exhibition “Pratisara Affandi Adi Karya”, Sokka Gallery Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2005 - Group exhibition “Pratisara FSR ISI and Nyoman Gunarso”, ISI Gallery, Indonesia
2005 - Group exhibition “Cluck”, Home Stage Nitiprayan Yogyakarta
2005 - Group exhibition “Jogjaku Ruwet” Melia Purosani Yogyakarta
2005 - Group exhibition at Children’s Art Jamboree, UNS Surakarta
2005 - Joint Exhibition of SD Muhammadiyah Mount Pring Muntilan, Indonesia
2005 - Group exhibition “Environment Day”, the first Trans TV Studio Jakarta
2005 - Group exhibition “Pratisara Affandi Adi Karya”, Gallery ISI
2005 - Group exhibition “Indonesian Arts Festival”, Bundung, Indonesia
2006 - Group exhibition “Concern Forum Yogya”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2006 - Group exhibition “Drawing”, Gubug Lantern Sengotan Yogyakarta
2007 - Solo exhibition “Complexity of Life in Painting”, Indonesia Institute of Art
2007 - Group exhibition “End Task”, Fine Arts Building, Indonesia Institute of Art
2007 - Group exhibition ” Black and White”, Yogyakarta Melia Purosani
2007 - Joint Exhibition at Banaran Café, Yogyakarta Jogja Gallery
2007 - Group exhibition “Open Art Project “, BOK Art Hause Semarang
2007 - Group exhibition “1001 Mysteries of Borobudur ” Borobudur Magelang
2007 - Group exhibition FKY ” Shout Out “, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2007 - Archipelago Fine Arts Exhibition, “Demi Mas(s)a”, National Gallery Jakarta
2007 - Group exhibition “Turn Right Path Continues “, Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta
2007 - Group exhibition “Earth”, Mon Décor Gallery Jakarta
2007 - Group exhibition “Rem Blong”, V – Art Gallery Yogyakrta
2007 - Group exhibition “Behind The Horizon”, Sri Sasanti Gallery Yogyakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “Celebrating the Differences”, Elegance Art Space Jakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “The Irony of Signs ” Mon Décor Jakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “Most Wanted” Ordinary Gallery, Yogyakarta
2008 - Group exhibition “Exhibition Space Kuala Lumpur” Malaysia
2009 - Group exhibition “DISTANCE “, Tonyraka Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali
2009 - Group exhibition “Expose Subjects “, Pure Art Space, Jakarta
2009 - Group exhibition “Up & Hope”, D’ Peak Art Space, Jakarta
2009 - Group exhibition “Paramitra”, Mon Décor, Jakarta
2010 - Solo exhibition “Challenging Nature “, Mon Décor Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 - Group exhibition “3G [3 GENERATION ] ” , Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery
2010 - Group exhibition “Action’01 “, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2010 - Group exhibition Korean International Art Fair, Korea
2010 - Group exhibition “Jogja Art Share”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta
2011 - Group exhibition “Bandung Contemporary Art Award”, Lawang Wangi
2011 - Group exhibition “Revolution of Indonesia”, Art Front Gallery, Singapore
2011 - Group exhibition “Sin City”, Art Project, National Gallery of Indonesia
2011 - Group exhibition “Nation of Landscape” Abdullah Basoeki Museum, Jakarta
2011 - Finalist of exhibition “UOB Painting of the Year”, UOB, Jakarta
2011 - Group exhibition “Homo ludens # 2″, Emitan CA Gallery, Surabaya
2011 - Group exhibition Flight for Light : Indonesian Art And Religiosity , Art : 1, Jakarta
2013 - Solo exhibition “The Universe Terkembang So Book”, Art Space : 1 , Art : 1, Jakarta
2013 - Group exhibition “Dharma ” Borobudur International Festival, Magelang
2013 - Group exhibition of Indonesian Art Award 2013, National Gallery of Indonesia


2002 - Best of Sketch Supervisor, FSR Indonesia Institute of Art
2003 - The Best of Watercolor Painting Supervisor FSR, Indonesia Institute of Art
2004 - Nominated 10 Great DIY Peksiminas Selekda
2005 - Nominated work Megawati Portrait Painting Competition
2005 - 3rd Place National Stamp Design Competition, Indonesia
2005 - 2nd Place Painting ” Today Environment ” from KOWANI Jakarta
2010 - The Big Three Best Work, 60 Years Painting Competition Suara Merdeka, Semarang
2011 - Top 25 Finalists, Bandung Contemporary Art Awards,
2011 - Finalists UOB Painting Of The Year
2013 - Indonesia Art Award Finalists 2013 YSRI