Zi Won Wang

Artist Story
Wang considers it important for man to learn to break free from our bondage with our physical body in order to achieve harmony between men and machines. He thinks this harmony can be achieved through the process of religious practices and spiritual enlightenment,  just like Buddha is a being who reaches the highest level of enlightenment. The artist has no intention to emphasize religious connotations through those Buddhist iconography inspired works. Rather is a platform to reflect his own or our own existence between utopia and dystopia.


Although his work stemmed from a personal narrative, it has gradually extended its domain to issues on human existence. Wang’s work aggressively questions on human existence and makes an attempt to graft this onto something mechanical rather than passively accepting the future.


So what lies ahead for us? Wang is hopeful humans will evolve and adapt themselves to enhanced science and technology.  He sees the future,  not as a fight to eliminate the negative, a defeat of the dystopia, or feud between good vs. evil. But rather it about is attainting that state of harmony and balance of life.


Born in 1980, Korea, Zi –Won Wang graduated from the Chung Ang University with a BA in Sculpture in 2005. He proceeded to complete his Masters in 2007. In addition to having multiple solo exhibitions in Seoul,  Tokyo and Amsterdam, Wang’s works have been shown in other major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai,  Chicago and New York.


2010 - Song Eun Award
2009 - 2010 Seoul City Nanji Art Studio,   7th Artist,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - The National Art Studio (Goyang),   4th Artist,   Gyeonggi-do,   Korea
2012 - 2014 Jang Heung Sculpture Atelier   3th Artist,   GyeonggI-do,   Korea


Solo Exhibition

2007 - ‘My name is Z’  Sungbo Gallery,  Seoul,   Korea (2007.06.16~06.22)
2008 - ‘Z’ Yoshiko Matsumoto Gallery, Netherlands (2008.02.20~03.30)
2008 - ‘Collective Intelligence’ Dukwon Gallery,  Seoul,  Korea (2008.08.08~08.24)
2010 - ‘Mechanical Nirvana’  355 Gallery,   Tokyo,   Japan (2010.11.06~11.25)
2011 - ‘Mechanical Xanadu’  GYM Project,   Seoul,   Korea (2011.11.30~12.14)
2013 - ‘Mechanical Samsara’  Kumsan Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2005 - ‘Neo imagination’ Ie-young Contemporary Art Museum, Gyeonggi-do. Korea
2006 - ‘Gosam-myeon reservoir Art Festival,   Gyeonggi-do Korea
2006 - ‘Beijing National Art College Interchange-Exhibition’,   Beijing,   China
2007 - ‘New a Spring’  Art Space Hyun,   Seoul,   Korea
2007 - ‘Park and Park’  Seoul foundation for Arts & Culture,   Seoul,   Korea
2007 - ‘Badaq with Z’ Badaq Bar,   Seoul,   Korea
2007 - ‘W Hotel Art & Wine’,   W Hotel,   Seoul,   Korea
2008 - ‘Longstory’  Amsterdam Museum of Art,   Amsterdam,   Netherlands
2008 - ‘RAI ( KunstRAI)’,   Amsterdam,   Netherlands
2009 - ‘Kring’  Kring Gallery,    Seoul,    Korea
2009 - ‘Emergency Room’ Kepco Plaza Gallery,    Seoul,    Korea
2009 - ‘I’ Gate Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2009 - ‘Robot City Masan’  3.15 Art Center,   Masan,   Korea
2009 - ‘Incheon International Digital Art Festival’,   Incheon,   Korea
2009 - ‘Combination of Science and Art’  Savina Museum,   Gwacheon Korea
2009 - ‘Scale of dragon’  Seoul Art Center,   Seoul,   Korea
2009 - ‘No…’  Gwangju Museum of Art,   Gwangju,   Korea
2009 - ‘I robot’ Soma Museum,   Seoul Korea
2009 - ‘Extended Movement’  Kring Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Wonder kiddy’  Gallery Ihn,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Korean Art Show’,   New York,   U.S.A
2010 - ‘Individuals’  Artpark Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Seogyo60’  Sangsangmadang Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Art Chicago’,   Chicago,   U.S.A
2010 - ‘First Decade’  Seoul Museum of Art,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘Between and Tension’  Moran Museum of Art Gyeonggi-do,   Korea
2010 - ‘New faces’  Andrew Bae Gallery,   Chicago U.S.A
2010 - ‘The Lamp of the East preview’  Atelier Aki,   Seoul,   Korea
2010 - ‘The Lamp of the East’,   Mumbai,   India
2011 - ‘I Robot’ Chosun Art Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - ‘Song Eun Award’  Song Eun Art Space,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - ‘Hybrid Creativity’ Savina Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2011 - ‘Intro’  The National Art Studio
2011 - ‘SCOPE Art Show’,   New York,   USA
2011 - ‘Homo_Substitutio’  LVS Gallery,   Seoul Korea
2011 - ‘Art Chicago’,   Chicago,   U.S.A
2011 - ‘ON. PLAN. MAKE.’  Televison12,   Seoul Korea
2011 - ‘Art Wave-Why Contemporary?’  Atelier Arki in VERSACE HOME,   Seoul Korea
2011 - ‘Haein Art Project‘  Sungbo Museum,   Hapcheon-gun,   Korea
2012 - ‘Being with You’  Behive Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2012 - ‘Kinetikos’  Space K,   Daejeon,   Korea
2012 - ‘ART NOVA 100’ Wie-e Museum, SZ Art Center,  Jiuchang Arario Gallery,  Beijing
2012 - ‘Gwangju Media Art Festival’  Asia Culture floor,   Gwangju,   Korea
2012 - ‘Don Quixote ’  Jangheung Sculpture Park,   Jangheung,   Korea
2012 - ‘Ancient Future’,   Culture Station Seoul 284,   Seoul,   Korea
2012 - ‘Art X Game – Bartz Revolutionary War’  Gyeonggi-do Musuem,   Korea
2012 - ‘Beautiful Star’ Beyond Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2013 - ‘Brilliant Yangpyeong’  Yangpyeong Museum,   Yangpyeong,   Korea
2013 - ‘Open mind’  KOTRA Open Gallery,   Seoul,   Korea
2013 - ‘Gravity & Time Moving Sculpture’ SOMA Museum,   Seoul,   Korea
2013 - ‘(Utopia)²’  GS Caltax Yeulmaru Yesu,   Korea
2013 - ‘A Night on the Galactic Railroad’  Nampo Museum,   Goheung,   Korea
2013 - ‘Heterology’  Seoul Tech Museum of Art,   Seoul,   Korea
2014 - ‘Heterology’  Seoul Tech Museum of Art,   Seoul,   Korea
2014 - The Essence of ‘I’,   LWH Gallery,   Shanghai

Ho-Yoon Shin

Artist  Story
Born in 1975, Ho Yoon Shin graduated from Chosun University in 2001. His awe-inspiring works has won him multiple awards in Korea and has been shown Japan,  China,  Hong Kong,  Singapore,  Germany,  Bulgaria and USA.


“I am interested in social phenomena and approached the essence of it. I realised that the closer I approached it, I realised there is no essence. I think it is already intrinsic in me or you, being judged and evaluated by the inherent values in our things. Therefore, if examined in that viewpoint, I begin to understand why the power group of Korea has wanted to spilt all kinds of social systems, – the right and the left, social classes divided on its economic structure, dominance and subordination etc.” said Shin


Painstaking crafted by Shin, these intricate artworks are inspired by not just fundamental social and political conditions in Korea and the world today but also Buddhism’s philosophy of emptiness.


“Looking at a solid body made up through several layers…, we get to know that the system of the body is organised rather dangerously than strangely, and the system looks like the contemporary society. And its vacant surface and inside are getting filled with our inherent images to completion. In the end, it’s a story about the situation and a point where we fill a surface that doesn’t exist… and console and satisfy ourselves.”


Shin hand cuts each layer of the sculpture and coat them urethane that protects and preserves the high-fibre paper. Each layer is then carefully put together with coated paper joints that lend strength and stability to the artwork.



2000 - 4th  medal  in  Dam-yang  Bamboo  Model  Competition
2001 - Silver  medal  in  Sul-ak  Snow  Sculpture  Exhibition
2002 - Gold  medal  in  Tae-baek  International  Snow  Sculpture  Exhibition
2002 - Special  price  in  Busan  Biennale  in  See  Art  Festival
2006 - ‘Hot rapport!’  at  Gwang-ju  Biennale  Site  3
2011 - Silver  Medal  of  Republic  of  Korea  Paper  Art  Contest
2011 - 11th  Ha  Jung  Woong  Young  Artist  Invitation

Solo  Exhibition

2005 - ‘Secret  factory’  Vol.01,  Gwangju,  Korea
2007 - Strange  Flowers,  Secret  Factory  Vol.02,  Gwangju,  Korea
2011 - 3rd Solo  exhibition  ‘There  is  No  Essence’,  Gwangju,  Korea
2012 - Solo  Exhibition  ‘Island’,  798,  Beijing,  China
2013 - ‘There  is  No  Essence’  Artery,  Bangkok,  Thailand  Group  Exhibition
2000 - 2000  ARTFACTORY,  Seoul,  Korea
2001 - 3rd Alternative  Space  Exhibition  of  Group  Fusion  Center,  Gwangju,  Korea
2002 - Busan  Beach  Biennale,  Busan,  Korea
2003 - 5rd Alternative  Space  Exhibition  of  Group  Fusion  in  library,  Gwangju Korea
2004 - 1st International  Art  Book  Fair  at  COEX.  Seoul
2004 - Open  studio  in  Gwangju  City  Museum  of  Art  Studio  for  creative  activity,  Korea
2004 - Exhibited  at  Gwangju  Biennale  site  3,  Gwangju,  Korea
2005 - Vol.3  exhibition  at  Gwangju  City  Museum  of  Art,  Korea
2005 - Exhibited  at  Frankfurt  Book  exhibition,  Germany
2005 - Exhibited  at  Nam-bu  Modern  Art  Festival,  Gwangju,  Korea
2006 - ‘Hot  rapport!’,  Gwangju  Biennale  Site  3,  Gwangju  city  Museum  of  Art,  Korea
2008 - Exhibited  at  Funstuz:  Art  and  Play,  Hangaram  Museum  of  Art,  Seoul,  Korea
2008 - Exhibited  at  Delightful  Zip,  Chang Chon,  Gwangju Biennale,  Korea
2009 - Exhibited  at  Blue  Dot  Asia  2009  at  Hangaram  Museum  of  Art,  Seoul,  Korea
2010 - Emerging Asian Artists at Gwangju Biennale, Korea
2010 - Artfair21  at  Staatenhaus  Am  Rheinpark,  Cologne,  Germany
2011 - 1st  Sofia  International  Paper  Art  Biennial  at  National  Art  Gallery & Alley  Art  Gallery,  Sofia,  Bulgaria
2011 - Ha  Jung  Woong  Young  Artist  Invitation  at  Gwangju  Museum  of  Art,  Korea
2011 - ‘Luggage-2nd Bangkok-Asia Young Artist Festival’,  Artery,  Bangkok,  Thailand
2012 - Mudeung Tales,  Today  Art  Museum,  Beijing,  China
2012 - Korean  Zone,  ARTMIA,  Beijing,  China
2012 - Exhibition  of  Famous  Artists,  Macau,  China
2012 - Mudeung  Tales,  Henan  Museum,  Zhengzhou,  China
2012 - Media  Variegations,  AAW,  798,  Beijing,  China
2013 - All  about  Korea,  White  Box,  Munich,  Germany
2013 - Korean  Contemporary,  Schultz  Gallery,  Berlin,  Germany
2013 - Art Nova 100,  798 Space,  Beijing,  China
2013 - Kobe  Biennale,  Meriken Park,  Kobe,  Japan
2013 - HFAF.  George  R.  Brown  Convention  Center,  Houston,  USA
2013 - AAF  2013,  Pit  Building,  Singapore
2013 - Art  Nova  100,  Shanghai  1929  Artspace,  Shanghai,  China
2013 - Art Nova 100,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center,  Shenzhen,  China
2014 - The  Essence  of  ‘i’,  LWH  Gallery,  Shanghai


Sang Jin Lim

Artist Story
Korea National Art Exhibition Special Prize. Receive the prize 6 times between 1991 and 1999


Buil National Art Exhibition a prize, Busan Ilbo Newspaper in 1995


Korea water painting contest exhibit first prize


Middle National Art Exhibition, Mokou, Silla National Art Exhibition special selection



1999 -1th Yesasang Solo Invitation Exhibition at LOTTE Gallery, Busan
2000 -2th Solo Exhibition at Kimjaesun Gallery, Busan
2000 -3th Solo Invitation Exhibition at Hyundae Art Gallery, Busan
2000 -4th Solo Exhibition at Gallery H, Busan
2006 - Group Exhibition, Embodiment painting exhibition at Daegu Culture &Art Center
2007 - Booth Solo Exhibition at Arts Center, Seoul
2007 - Solo Exhibition at Tablo Gallery, Seoul
2008 - Embodiment Painting Exhibition at Arts Center, Seoul
2010 - Gallery Namu Open Anniversary Exhibition
2010 - Group exhibition, Yeosu International Art Festival, Chonnam University, Gukdong Gallery
2011 - Gallery Selim Invitation Exhibition
2011 - Hana Love Gold Club Gallery Invitation Exhibition at Hana Bank, Seoul
2012 - Prima Hotel Solo Invitation Exhibition at Prima Hotel, Seoul
2013 - Works presented at at Worlds Apart Fair, Singapore