Kyaw Nyo

Artist Story

Kyaw Nyo is inspired by the beauty of nature, in particular the native trees of Myanmar and their different leaves. Born in 1980 in Yangon, Kyaw Nyo holds BA in Painting and Oriental Studies from National University of Culture and the Dagon University respectively. He studies the colour, shape, size and texture of leaves, but for him, the texture is the most moving. The techniques he developed enable him to reproduce faithfully the texture of the leaves. On most of these collages, there are several layers of leaves, which he builds up over days and weeks.
The starting point for all his works is the natural organic material of the leaf – the emotions evoked in his selection of leaves determines the colours that he will use in these works. He often favours the fiery colours of autumn with reds, gold and yellows. His works often create unexpected vistas from beautiful, but common materials. They make us see the humble leaf in a new way. He selects the leaves for his artworks carefully, looking for ones that suggest different elements to him. Some of the leaves look as if they are flying through the air, while others suggest meditative ponds and flowing water.
International Exhibitions
2009 – Myanmar Discovered, Group show, HK
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show, Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning, Group show, Princeton, USA
2011 – Gallery Verde, Group Show, New York, USA
2012 – Burma Rising, Art Exhibition, Hamptons, NY, USA
Group Exhibitions
2002 – Junior Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2003 – Art Exhibition on Degree Pieces, National Theater, Yangon
2005 – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sakura Tower, Yangon
2005 – Group Show, Orient Art Gallery, Yangon
2007 – Tun Foundation Art Exhibition, Yangon
2008 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Old State School of Fine Art, Yangon
2008 – Group Show, Foundation of Loving Kindness Art Exhibition, Yadanapon Hall, Yangon
2009 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Old State School of Fine Art, Yangon
2010 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Aligar Gallery, Yangon
2010 – Going Together Art Exhibition, Lokanat gallery, Yangon
2010 – Tun Foundation Art Exhibition, Yangon
2011 – The GIVERS Art exhibition, (Ministry of Culture Art Gallery), Yangon.
2011 – TUN Foundation Art exhibition, Yangon.

Co Thiee

Artist Story

Co Thiee was born in Yangon in 1963. As a highly regarded professional painter and designer, his works has been shown in more than 20 local and international group exhibitions. He creates art to express different feelings about religion. His works explore the idea of “meritorious deeds”. His aim is to share the feeling of happiness and meritorious deed in others. He sees a sense of serenity in monks and nuns, and he strives to recreate this feeling through portraying them in daily situation. He said, “We forget that monks and nuns are humans too, but through the practice of meditation and mindfulness, they exude an aura of peace and happiness that other people can feel when they see them.”

Second Prize at Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, River Gallery, The Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
International Exhibitions
2004 – ACD Group Show, Singapore
2010 – Myanmar Art Centre, Group Show, Singapore
2014 – ‘Politics, Business and Human Rights’ Group Exhibition, Murdoch University
2014 – ‘Painting Myanmar’ Ten Perspective on a Changing Country, Hong Kong Baptist University
2015 – ‘Myanmar in Motion’, Shanghai, China
Group Exhibitions
1992 – 2nd Illustrator Group Show, Yangon
1993 – 3rd Illustrators Group Show, Yangon
1994 – 4th Illustrators Group Show, Yangon
1996 – White Line Gallery Group Show, Yangon
1996 – New Interior Design with Charl Orchad (UK), Yangon
1997 – New Interior Design with Charl Orchad (UK), Yangon
1997 – Orient Art Gallery Group show, Yangon
1997 – Art Club Gallery Group Show, Yangon
2004 – Inner Light Contemporary Art Group Show, Yangon
2005 – Bogyoke Market Group Show, Yangon
2006 – Mind of the Line Group show, Yangon
2006 – Myanmar Un-trying Art Show, Yangon
2006 – Colour House Art Group Show, Yangon
2006 – Yae Na Tha Group Show, Yangon
2007 – Myanmar Graphic Art Show, Yangon
2008 – Illustrator Art Group Show, Yangon
2010 – Art Garden Group Show, Yangon
2011 – Myanmar National Portrait Competition, Finalist Exhibition, Strand Hotel, Yangon

S Moe Z

Artist Story

Since first time I set eyes on Moe Z’s works, I have witnessed a heartening evolution over the years. His powerful and politically charged works are sought after in American and European art centres. Born in 1977, Moe Z graduated from the State School of Fine Art in the year 2000.
The dominant presence of monks and nuns in unity evoke memories of the tumultuous times when segments of the country’s Buddhist establishments where involved in the civilian upsurge against the militant junta. It is as such heartening to see that over the years, like the country, Moe Z’s works are beginning to show signs of hopes and optimism, with the latest works featuring a young novice in hopeful prayer against a backdrop of illuminating light.
“I appreciate the value of light. Because of light, we can feel and see all objects. In my paintings, I always paint darkness in order to appreciate the light. Without light, everything is impossible. The darkness in the paintings represents suffocation in this country where most people are struggling to survive. There is a little hope, which is like a dim flickering light. The main feature of my composition is this contrast between darkness and light. The subject of my work – monks and nuns – is almost incidental.” – S Moe Z
International Exhibitions

2007 – Art from Myanmar, Group Show, New York, USA
2009 – Myanmar Discovered, Group Show, HK
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning Group show, Princeton, USA
2011 – Gallery Verde, Group Show, New York, USA
2011 – Five Myanmar Painters, Group Show, Kingstion, USA
2011 – Eye on Burma Group Show, the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012 – Burma Rising, Group Exhibition, NY, USA
2012 – Anniversary Art Show of the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2013 – Wonder in the Land – Group Exhibition, The East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Burmese Spring at First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Leading Lights/New Works, ARTA Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Burmese Spring; at Fragrant Wood Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Funf Kontinente Museum – Group exhibition, Munich, Germany

Group Exhibitions
1998 – 14 Faces Art Exhibition, Orient Art Gallery, Yangon
1998 – Mother’s day Exhibition, Yangon
1998 – New Plantation Group Show, National Museum, Yangon
1999 – New Nursery Art Show National Museum, Yangon
2001 – New Nursery Art Show Group Show, Yangon
2002 – Unity Art Show, Yangon
2004 – The Breeze Group Show, Yangon
2007 – 99 Classic, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2008 – 99 Classic, Thamada Hall, Yangon
2008 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2009 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2010 – 99 classic group show, Yangon
2010 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2011 – Kayin Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon
2011 – To the Beach Art Show, Cyan Bay Art Gallery, Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State
2011 – Finalist for Best painting of the Year Exhibition, Yangon
2011 – Dancing Hue Art Show, Bogyoke Market, Yangon
2012 – July Image Art Exhibition, Taw Win Center, Yangon
2012 – Impressive Art Exhibition, Art Plus Art Gallery, Yangon
2012 – Kayin Diary, Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon
2013 – Color Rain Art Show (Orient Art Gallery)
2015 – 3rd Northern Breeze Group Art Exhibition, Myanmar Artists Organization, Yangon

Win Tint

Artist Story

Born in Pyinmana, Myanmar in 1966, Win Tint is a highly respected art teacher in Myanmar. His works are in the collection of Myanmar’s National Museum. As disciple of renowned Myanmar Impressionist artists – U Lun Gywe, Win Tint feels that while he can teach the techniques of painting to his students, he cannot impart the sense of feeling of art. At first glance, the patterns of lines, brushworks, figures, space and forms, evoke impressionist artworks that are realistic but at the same time dreamlike in emotion. In these ‘vast’ spaces, the clarity and blurriness, the light and shade, of dissolving colours create a serene beauty that is in contrast with the usually crowded Shwedagon Temple from which the paintings derive its inspiration.
Win Tint recounts a time when a friend after viewing his collection of works, suggested that he paints something other than monasteries and pagodas. He calmly replied to his friend “You still haven’t seen what I paint.”

Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2004 (Finalist)

Solo Exhibitions

2004 – First Solo Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2006 – Outstanding Light, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2012 – Win Tint Solo Art Work, Culture Bridge Gallery
2013 – Light and Gold, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

Group Exhibitions

2001 – New Nursery Art & Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum, Yangon.
2003 – Page 2003, Contemporary Art Show, Yangon, Myanmar and Hong Kong
2004 – Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2004
2008 – Donation for Nargis Art Show
2008 – U Thu Kha, Memorial 2008
2009 – My Collection Art Exhibition, Myanmar Art Center
2009 – My Favourite Art Exhibition, Myanmar Art Center
2009 – Truth, Beauty, Joy, Contemporary Paintings Myanmar Art Center
2010 – The Arts Gate Art Exhibition
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning Group Show, Princeton, USA
2010 – Spectrum Art Exhibition, IBC, Yangon.
2011 – The Art Gate Art Exhibition
2011 – Shwe Generation Art Exhibition
2011 – Water Color Painting Art Exhibition
2011 – The Friend Art Exhibition
2011 – November Art Exhibition
2011 – Empathy Art Exhibition
2012 – The Art Gate Art Exhibition
2012 – Charity Art Exhibition, Marketplace, City Mart
2012 – Impressive Art Exhibition, Art Plus Art Gallery
2013 – 20th Year Orient Art Gallery Show, Yangon
2014 – Color Palette Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2015 – Colour Image, Group Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

Hein Thit

Artist Story
Hein Thit grew up during the time of the socialist government. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn art under the tutelage of various artists such as U Tin Aye, U Kyaw Lay, U Thit Lwin Soe and U Muang Myint Aung. In Andrew Randard’s publication – “Burmaese Painting – A linear and lateral history”, Hein Thit was recognised as one of the key modernist artist in Myanmar.


Although his works often portray and celebrate the female form, this series of very unique Buddhism inspired works offers one a rare glimpse of Hein Thit’s artistic interpretation of its teachings and philosophy.


While Hein Thit’s signature swirling bold strokes continue to pervade in this series of works, each painting is detailed by various soft lines – an ode to one of Buddhism’s teachings on the importance of balance. He believed that any simple artistic creation has a great power of its own. The strong circular brush stroke present at the top of most of the paintings symbolises the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Befittingly it is often the final stroke in the completion of each of these painting.


1971 - Born in East Pauk Taw Village in Pyay Township, Myanmar
1991 - Graduate from the State School of Fine Arts, Yangon
2000 - Group exhibition “Artistic Touch” at Lokanet Gallery,Yangon
2004 - Regular Exhibition of New Treasure Art Gallery, Yangon
2004 - Group exhibition at Karin Weber Gallery, Group Show, Hong Kong
2004 - Solo exhibition “Beauty of Nothing” at AZADA Gallery, Yangon
2005 - Group exhibition “05 Figures” at Studio Square in Yangon
2006 - Group exhibition “New Zero” at Lawkanat Art Gallery in Yangon
2006 - Group exhibition “Myanmar Contemporary Art Show” in Chiang Mai, Thailand
2007 - Group exhibition “Recent works of” at Studio Square, Yangon
2007 - Group exhibition at Karin Weber Art Gallery, Hong Kong
2008 - Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2008 Finalist Exhibition, Strand Hotel, Yangon
2008 - Group exhibition of “Nargis Relief Art Show” at Yangon and Mandalay
2008 - Solo exhibition “Once Were Warriors” – Two Man show with Tin Win – River Gallery
2009 - “Asean Contemporary Art Exchange” at New Zero Art Space, Yangon
2009 - Group exhibition “The Mandalay Arm Art Show” at Pan Thu Sandar Art Gallery, Mandalay
2010 - “2010 Exhibition-2” at Gallery of Sin Byu Daw, Mandalay.
2010 - Group exhibition at ‘Myanmar Art & Culture” at Boston USA
2010 - Group exhibition of New Zero Donation Art Show” at New Zero Art Space, Yangon
2010 - Flowers of Future Donation Art Exhibition, Kaba Aye Youth Training School, Yangon
2011 - Group exhibition of “OnGoing Echo2” Myanmar-Indonesia Art Exchange at Tanah Tho Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2011 - Group exhibition with Gallery Verde, New York, USA
2011 - Group exhibition Snow Set Art Show 2011 at Ministry of Culture Art Gallery, Yangon
2011 - Exhibition of “Recent Works of Studio Square” at Studio Square, Yangon
2012 - Save the war victims” Charity Exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar.
2012 - Group exhibition of Third Wave Indo-Myanmar” at Camera 6 Gallery, Jakarta
2012 - Group exhibition of South-east Asia Art Exchnage at Beikthano Gallery, Yangon.
2012 - Group exhibition “Exposition L’Art Au Myanmar” at Galerie Art Concorde, Paris
2013 - Solo exhibition “Matters in Second Skin, Studio Square Gallery, Yangon


Maw Thu Da Nu

Artist Story
Blessed with a unique keen sense of colour and light, Da Nu’s works exude strong technical competence and offer a rich palate of vibrant colours. Born in 1984 and graduated in 2006, his works are horned by years of tutelage under highly respected teachers and artists such as U Mg Mg Soe, U Thein Shwe Kyi, U Kyaw Thu Rain, U Maung Oo, U Win Tint, U Than Kywe & U Win Pe Myint


Du Nu chooses to compose his works through the reflection of glass and mirrors so as to literally ‘reflect’ upon on the social, political and economic development in his country. The modern store window display and the growing population of luxury cars in Yangon, are no mere evidence of the growing wealth in Myanmar. In the eyes of Du Nu, they serve as his medium on which he expresses his concern on the impact of capitalism and consumerism on his beloved country.


As much as he appreciates the benefits of economic growth on improving the living conditions of his people, he is equally concern about the cost of rapid development. He certainly hopes that people appreciates the visual aesthetic of his works of reflection, but more importantly, he wish that they will also perhaps take a moment to reflect upon the reflection within.

International Exhibitions
2013 - Fast cars and dangerous women, Utterly Art, Singapore
2013 - Affordable Art fair, Singapore presented by Utterly Art
2014 - Beauty + Violence, LWH Gallery, Shanghai, China.
Group Exhibitions
2006 - Group Show at Golden Valley Art Gallery, Myanmar
2007 - Participated in Best Painting of the year, Tun Foundation, Yangon
2009 - Participated in Best Painting of the year, Tun Foundation, Yangon
2010 - OParticipated in Best Painting of the year, Tun Foundation, Yangon
2011 - Finalist in Best Painting of the year, Tun Foundation, Yangon
2011 - Participated in Point Exhibition, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon
2012 - Participated in 2nd Point Exhibition, Myanmar Art Center, Yangon
2012 - Participated in 1st Save the War Victims Art Exhibition, Alliance Francis, Yangon
2012 - Participated in 1st IMMA Art Exhibition Yangon
2012 - July Image Art Exhibition, Taw Win Centre, Yangon
2012 - 1stArt Circle Series (1), Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon
2012 - Participated in 2nd Save the War Victims Art Exhibition, Alliance Francis, Yangon
2012 - Participated in Ga Ru Nar Lu Lin Exhibition, Art Plus Gallery, Yangon
2013 - Shwe Art Exhibition, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon
2013 - Artib Myanamr Art Exhibition, Tatmataw Hall, Yangon
2013 - Karen Diary 3rd Exhibition, Art Plus Gallery, Yangon.
2013 - The First Step, Bogyoke Market, Yangon.
2013 - Whispering Winter Art Exhibition, Artplus Art Gallery
2013 - Think of December Art Exhibition, Artplus Art Gallery
2014 - Karen Diary 4th Exhibition, HPA-AN, Karen State
2015 - - Myanmar in Motion, LWH Gallery, Shanghai, China



Khin Maung Zaw

Artist Story

Born in 1970, Khin Maung Zaw’s works exude a joyful brilliance of colours. This is especially evident in his landscape works. After graduating from the State School of Fine Art in 1991, he won the 1st Prize for Commercial Art in the same year. Thereafter Muang Zaw further developed his skills under the tutelage of renowned Burmese artist such as U Lun Gywe, U Tin Aye, U Myint Lwin, U Myint San and U Thit Lwin Soe. In 1994, he furthers his studies by studying sculpture at his alma mater and won a 1st Prize upon graduation.


Khin Muang Zaw now leads the new wave of water colourists that are emerging from Myanmar. Muang Zaw’s superior skill in watercolor is apparent in his detailed pattern of intricate architecture, creases and folds of the fabric as well as the play of light and shadow. His breathtaking watercolor on paper observes the daily scenes young novices going about daily monastic life. In this body of work, the artist pays homage to Buddhism, which, for generations, has been an integral part of Myanmar’s culture.

Solo Exhibition

2013 - “Colours of Myanmar”, Wild Rocket, Singapore
2014 - “Colours of Myanmar”, LWH Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014 - “Melody of Light” Suvannabhumi Art Gallery. Chiangmai Mai.,Thailand

Group Exhibitions

1995 - Exhibited at Myanmar Fair, Parco Bugis Junction, and Singapore
1997 - Exhibited In the Footsteps of Siddhartha, Notices the gallery, Singapore
1997 - Works auctioned with Bonhans Glerum, Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore
1998 - Exhibited at Bagan : A World Heritage, Notice the gallery, Singapore
1999 - Exhibited at Image of Myanmar, Paragon Hotel, Singapore
1999 - Works auction with Glerum‘s Auction, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore
2002 - Exhibited at Burmese Days, Bangkok, Thailand
2002 - Exhibited at Artasia Nyc, New York, USA
2005 - Exhibited at Proud Ladies, Pink Skies Art Exhibition, Laluna Gallery, Chiang Mai
2006 - Exhibited at Artasia Nyc, New York, USA
2006 - Exhibited at Hawthorn Gallery, Woodstoke, New York
2007 - Exhibited at Poetry on Canvas, Newton, New Jersey
2007 - Exhibited at Artasia Nyc, New York
2007 - Exhibited at Medusa Emporium and Gallery, New Paltz, New York
2007 - Exhibited within Indochine Beauty, Gallery in Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia
2009 - Exhibited at Tun Foundation Bank Art Competition Show, Association of Banks, Yangon
2010 - Exhibited at Wishrock Gallery, Grand Avenue, Shelter Island, New York
2011 - Exhibited at 3D Colour Spectrum Art Exhibition, Ministry of Culture Art Gallery, Yangon
2011 - Exhibited at The Parasol Project, Renaissance Fine Arts, Baltimore, USA
2011 - Exhibited at Waveless Group art Exhibition, Lawkanat Gallery, Yangon
2012 - Exhibited at Hope Charity Show, KZL Studio & Art Gallery, and Yangon
2012 - Exhibited at Pure HeART Group Art Exhibition, Wahso Art Gallery, Yangon
2012 - Exhibited at Magic Water, Water Colour Art Exhibition, KZL Studio & Art Gallery, Yangon
2012 - Exhibited at Silver Jubilee Exhibition, Golden Valley Art Centre, Yangon Myanmar
2012 - Exhibited at The Past-The Present-The Future, Suvannabhumi Art Gallery, Chiang Mai Thailand
2012 - Exhibited at Affordable Art Fair Singapore by Lalanta Fine Art
2013 - Exhibited at Art 13 Myanmar Exhibition Yangon, Myanmar
2014 - Exhibited at Art 14 Art Exhibition, Myanmar Event Park, Yangon, Myanmar
2015 - Exhibited at Watercolor 2015, Gallery 65,Yangon, Myanmar
2015 - Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, represented by Lalanta Fine Art
2015 - Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, represented by Lalanta Fine Art
2015 - Exhibited at “Masters of Myanmar Art”, The Edge Galerie, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2015 - Exhibited at “Myanmar in Motion”, LWH Gallery, Shanghai, China


Khin Zaw Latt

Artist Story

Khin Zaw Latt’s paintings portray the scene of locals getting on the ferry after a long day of labour. The flow of the crowd seems like a mass of a single object, conveying sense of stress and oppression. The more he observes the crowd, the more he notices the hope and beauty worn by each individual. With highly emotive rendering of light and shadow, Khin Zaw Latt paintings conveys not just the difficult lives of his country man but also their hope.


In his Buddha paintings, Khin Zaw Latt depicts the face of Lord Buddha in his human form. He is inspired by the story of the Buddha’s life, his strive to defy human’s desire and his teachings that affect millions of lives. He combines painterly wash with stamping technique and roller, creating serene and glorious impressions from a flat canvas.



1980 - Born in Irrawaddy Division, Myanmar
2000 - Second Prize, Myanmar Youth Art Contest
2002 - Graduated from University of Culture majoring in painting
2004 - Honorary mention, Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards
2004 - Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2004″, Hong Kong
2005 - “Two Burmese Brothers” Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
2006 - Solo Exhibition “Blissful Buddha’s” by Khin Zaw Latt, Shanghai
2007 - Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, Washington, USA
2008 - First Prize, Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards
2009 - Finalist, Sovereign Art Awards
2010 - Solo Exhibition “Moving Forward” by Khin Zaw Latt, Hong Kong
2012 - Portrait of Myanmar”, La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand