Aaron Gan

Artist Story
“As a boy, I dreamt of being a professional artist. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was always drawing”, say Aaron. Born in 1979, it was a time of both racing growth and change for both Singapore and him. Although Aaron stopped learning art as a formal subject when he reached 14, he continued to carry a sketchbook whenever he went and drew whenever he could “Art was therapeutic for me”. And like many other Singapore youth of his generation, Aaron pursued a general business degree and graduated with a Dean List at the University of Western Australia. Thereafter he worked before managing his own successful business.

“They say your life changes when you become a father. That was true for me. I had been running my own business successful for several years but I never forgot my childhood dream. I felt that as a father, I should one day be able to look at my daughter in the eye and tell her that life is for living and that it is up to her to live and pursue her dreams.“ Aaron wined down his business and plunged headlong into the arts. He painted day and night, studied and learned from not just books but also from accomplished artists.


In July 2012 his dedication and hard work paid off. He was chosen to participate in the International Watercolour Biennial in Belgium alongside international watercolour heavyweights such as Nicholas Simmons of USA. He was also featured in a full-page article on the local newspaper. Since then, his profile took off with invitation to showcase with works at Singapore Watercolour Society and two sold-out solo exhibitions with Utterly Art Singapore.



1979 - Born in Singapore
2012 - Exhibited at ‘Singapore Celebration” at 7 Adam
2012 - Exhibited at the International Watercolour Biennial Belgium
2012 - Exhibited with Utterly Art at Affordable Art Fair
2013 - Solo Exhibition A Point of View’, Utterly Art Singaporee
2013 - Group exhibition with Utterly Art 12th Anniversary Show
2014 - Works presented at Art Apart Fair 2014
2014 - Solo Exhibition ‘Vivid Vistas’, Utterly Art Singapore
2014 - Duo Artists Exhibition ‘My Dreams. Our Hopes’, LWH Gallery, Shanghai

Chen Shitong

Artist Story
Born in 1985 in Singapore, Chen Shitong graduated from Nanyang academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) majoring in Western Painting before obtaining his degree with Lasalle College of the Arts in 2013. In 2009, he awarded the NAFA Fine Arts award. He participated in the 1st Macau printmaking triennial in 2012 and was a recipient of The Winston Oh Travel Award the same year. In 2013, he was the best selling artists at Spot Art 2013 – South-east Asia’s only international juried arts festival of artists under 30 years.


In his practice, Shitong uses printmaking as a medium to highlight the intersection between history, people and places. Despite the enveloping concrete in modern Singapore, Shitong managed to seek inspiration from it, for this series of collagrah entitled ‘Concrete Reflection’. As he enjoys taking long reflective strolls, he gradually observed the many fascinating lines, forms and colours that are found on the long walkways and expansive concrete walls. From the moment the cement dries, its surface will be worn by the countless paths and souls that walked on it. The seemingly plain façade will be gradually eroded by the searing sun and pounding rain. Each of these components, both natural and man-made, leaves an indelible mark on the surface, forming a kaleidoscope of textures, a plethora of colours, and a multitude of stories.. awaiting for one to explore



1985 - Born in Singapore
2009 - Awarded “The Wood Award”, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Fine Arts, Singapore
2010 - Pameran Postcard Group Exhibition, My Art Space, Singapore
2011 - Velvet Curtain, Daliah Gallery, Singapore
2012 - Stone Encounters, Project Space, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
2012 - Winston Oh Travel Award, Praxis Space, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
2012 - 1st Macau Printmaking Triennial, Avenida da Praia Grande, Macau
2013 - Georgetown Festival 2013, Penang, Malaysia
2013 - Group exhibition at German Centre, Singapore
2013 - Spot Art 2013, Singapore Artrium, Mica Building, Singapore