Chen Ke

Artist Story
Art has always been the medium from which man conveys his innermost thoughts and emotions, from primiive cave paintings of hunting scenes to the finest renassisumance works depicting celestial splendour. Art has always been the platform for which was celebrate the achievenement of man and the blessings of God.
Over last century Art has evolved from the two dimensional sphere to the multi-dimensional digital realm. And before the arrival of smart phones or even the computer, the television is the probably the most iconic symbol of the early digital age.
From being a medium of communication, the digital world has now evolved to become a medium of consumption. From expression of our inner most thougts to the fulfillment of desires. Through the digital platform, we can now easily fullfill our most basic wishes to fueling the innermost carnal desire.
Today, the digital realm has evolved to allow to overcome our physical and intellectual limitations. It has become our answers to many of our prayaers and wishes. Has it become our new “Idol”. And if not now, who is to deny the possibility that the digital realm will evolved with an integrated intelligence surpass the capibilties of man and become our new “God”.
Chen Ke graduated from the prestigious China Academy of Fine Arts. A multiple award-winning artist from Hunan, his works are currently in the collection of Beijing Today Art Museum and the Suzhou Museum of Art.
Chen Ke whitewashed early televisions sets as symbol of the rebirth and evolution. From two-dimensional paintings to three dimension installation art to the multi-faceted presentation of sciences, man and his fearsome God, Chen’s work is a multi-dimensional discourse of life, death, illness, doubt, desire, sexual fantasies, privacy, mystery, fear…
2006 – “Art for Making the World a Better Place” exhibition, Shanghai M50
2006 – “Star of the Century Oil Painting Exhibition”, Winner of the Excellent Prize, Hangzhou Art Museum of The China Academy of Art
2007 – “Star of the Century Oil Painting Exhibition”, Winner of the Excellent Prize, Hangzhou Art Museum of The China Academy of Art
2007 – “99 Tents, 99 Dreams ” Art Exhibition Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum
2007 – Annual Art Student Excellence Award Exhibition, Beijing Today Art Museum
2007 – “What’s That” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hangzhou A8 Art Commune
2007 – “345” Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
2008 – “Impression of Desire” exhibition, Suzhou Museum of Art
2008 – China Academy of Art, Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, Hangzhou Yannan Art Institutions
2008 – “Eighteen Case Study” China Experimental Art exhibition Hangzhou Art Museum,
2008 – Hangzhou Young Artist Exhibition, Shanghai Sach Gallery
2008 – “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form” Henan Art Museum
2012 – 5th China International Youth Art Week — Contemporary Art Exhibition, He Art Gallery, Beijing 798
2012 – “CIYAF” — Contemporary Art Exhibition, He Art Gallery, Beijing 798
2014 – 1st Post Realist Exhibition, Beijing Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Yanjiao
2014 – 798 Art Festival “Exhibition of Experimental Young Artists “, Beijing 798 Art District