Co Thiee

Artist Story

Co Thiee was born in Yangon in 1963. As a highly regarded professional painter and designer, his works has been shown in more than 20 local and international group exhibitions. He creates art to express different feelings about religion. His works explore the idea of “meritorious deeds”. His aim is to share the feeling of happiness and meritorious deed in others. He sees a sense of serenity in monks and nuns, and he strives to recreate this feeling through portraying them in daily situation. He said, “We forget that monks and nuns are humans too, but through the practice of meditation and mindfulness, they exude an aura of peace and happiness that other people can feel when they see them.”

Second Prize at Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, River Gallery, The Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
International Exhibitions
2004 – ACD Group Show, Singapore
2010 – Myanmar Art Centre, Group Show, Singapore
2014 – ‘Politics, Business and Human Rights’ Group Exhibition, Murdoch University
2014 – ‘Painting Myanmar’ Ten Perspective on a Changing Country, Hong Kong Baptist University
2015 – ‘Myanmar in Motion’, Shanghai, China
Group Exhibitions
1992 – 2nd Illustrator Group Show, Yangon
1993 – 3rd Illustrators Group Show, Yangon
1994 – 4th Illustrators Group Show, Yangon
1996 – White Line Gallery Group Show, Yangon
1996 – New Interior Design with Charl Orchad (UK), Yangon
1997 – New Interior Design with Charl Orchad (UK), Yangon
1997 – Orient Art Gallery Group show, Yangon
1997 – Art Club Gallery Group Show, Yangon
2004 – Inner Light Contemporary Art Group Show, Yangon
2005 – Bogyoke Market Group Show, Yangon
2006 – Mind of the Line Group show, Yangon
2006 – Myanmar Un-trying Art Show, Yangon
2006 – Colour House Art Group Show, Yangon
2006 – Yae Na Tha Group Show, Yangon
2007 – Myanmar Graphic Art Show, Yangon
2008 – Illustrator Art Group Show, Yangon
2010 – Art Garden Group Show, Yangon
2011 – Myanmar National Portrait Competition, Finalist Exhibition, Strand Hotel, Yangon