Colours of Life (Editions of 10)

Woon Hoe & Shi Guojun
Digital Art Print with Calligraphy on Canvas
L 59 x H 59 cm

Colours of Life

‘Colours of Life’, is inspired by one of the most iconic works by Damien Hirst. In the eyes of Woon Hoe and Guojun, the different colour dots represent the diversity of man. Each and every dot and colour is full and beautiful in its on way.

As different as each of us are, and as much as each of us may have our preferred ‘colours’, when we are able to respect and embrace the diversity of colours, together all the different colour dots come together to create an image of greater beauty than on its singular own.

The central Chinese character means ‘Awakening’, symbolising the artist’s wish for one to understand, to appreciate and to embrace the colours of life.

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