Cycles of Life (Editions of 5)

Woon Hoe & Shi Guojun
Digital Art Print with Calligraphy on Canvas
L 50 x H 150 cm

Cycles of Life

On the outermost ring, the feathers of doves or the writing pen symbolises ‘Peace’ or ‘Wisdom’.

Within the circle of feathers, the 12 Chinese zodiacs represent unending cycle of life and death.

The central Buddha images reminds one of the core teachings of Buddhism “Suffering ending only upon enlightenment”

The lower Mantra wheel in silver:
“Om Mani Padme Hum”

It is the mantra associated with the four-armed Shadakshari Lokeshvara form of Avalokiteshvara

The top Mantra wheel in gold:
“Namah Saptanam Samyaksambudda Kotinam Tadyata Om Cale Cule Cunde Svaha”

It is the mantra of cundi.
Cundi can be seen as a personification of the “Enlightened Mind of Compassionate Wisdom”

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