1 April – 8 May 2016

I believe that each of us has a unique talent and we have a special role to play in life. But when bounded by circumstances, confronted with challenges and fuelled with scepticism, some may resigned to what life brings and hence may not realize his potential. Even so, I still believe we can...


This is UTOPIA

1 October – 30 November 2015

Are you living in Utopia? Would you believe that it is right before your eyes? Honestly, I find that hard to believe too. But lets start with a scenario. You are reaching for a cup of coffee on your desk. When you drink it, it is not warm.



17 July to 26 August 2015

A nation shut from the world, slowly opening its door Ruled by a military regime with no rule of law With minorities subjugated, majority oppressed In a state of flux, of change, of unrest¬Golden rays of Pagoda, pierce through the clouds Is it the thousand protests or the silent prayers That brought the change about Led by a lady of noble peace…



29 May – 26 June 2015.

It is a revulsion. It is an endorsement. It is a compulsion. It is an idolisation. The list goes on. It is such a commonly used phrase in the English language that it possesses an extensive breath of meaning and emotions.The closest version in Chinese is “我的天啊!”, which literally means “Oh my Heaven!” But then the



An Artist’s Illumination in his pursue of Happiness
3 April - 30 April 2015.

Chatchawan’s signature style involves paintings of golden light illuminating behind glided doors complete with walls of intricate details with symbolic Thai motifs. In Chatchawan’s paintings, gold colour expresses faith while darkness symbolises ignorance.



Ho Yoon Shin And Zi Won Wang Duo Artist Exhibition
5 September - 30 October 2014. LWH Gallery Shanghai

For eternality, man have long deliberated on definition and meaning of ‘I’. But with the growing invention of science on ‘I’, be it through artificial intelligence or research on human cloning,

The Battle for Existence (120 x 120)

Impression of Indonesia

6 June – 31 August 2014, LWH Gallery Shanghai

Over the past year, I had the pleasure of visiting many artists in the de facto art capital of Indonesia – Yogyakarta. I encountered a vibrant and diverse artist community creating outstanding work that are geared increasingly to an international audience and yet firmly rooted in their distinct culture.


My Dreams. Our Hopes

Aaron Gan & Chen Shitong Duo Artists Exhibition
1 - 30 May 2014. LWH Gallery, Shanghai

On the surface, Singapore may seem like a cultural desert. It is not surprising given its short history with multi-racial migrants forming the bulk of it population composition hence lacking a distinct cultural identity.


Peace of Mind . Peace on Earth

Paramat Leung-On Solo Exhibition
3 – 30 April 2014, LWH Gallery Shanghai

Paramat chose to be trained in classical Thai painting techniques as he wishes to preserve the country’s cultural heritage. He spent his earlier years doing mural paintings for many temples around Thailand.

Beauty & Violence Cover Pic

Beauty + Violence

It is their Stories. It is about Awareness
8 to 30 March 2014, LWH Gallery, Shanghai

Everyday women around the world are exposed to violence. The most severe hits the news headlines. But perhaps the most disturbing of these aggressions are those that are covert and even embraced by women.


Sound of Ikebana: Four Seasons

Naoko Tosa’s Solo Exhibition at LWH Gallery, Shanghai 7 February – 5 March 2014

Created by world renowned digital media artist – Professor Tosa from Kyoto University, ‘Sound of Ikebana : Four Seasons’ is a series of four video artworks created by vibrating sound beneath paint, shot at 2,000 frames per second with a high-speed camera.


Solace Of Youth - Stories from a Migrant Youth

Zhang Zuo Solo Exhibition at LWH Gallery, Shanghai, 10 – 28 January 2014

The birds in my painting are like the flight of youths that migrate into big cities everyday. We do not know their name, they have no identity and they have no recognition.


Journey Of Reflection

LWH Gallery Inaugural Exhibition in Shanghai, 9 Oct to 30 Nov 2013

How time flies...The year is almost coming to an end. How has 2013 been for you? During this time, many of us will reflect on the past and perhaps make a list of wishes for the new year.


LWH Gallery opens in Shanghai M50!

M50 is a contemporary art district in Shanghai that houses a thriving community of more than 100 galleries and artist studios that are open to the public.


Muse And Musing


Each of the artworks is inspired by man’s pursuit of the various forms of the material, from the consumption of luxury to the quest for eternality.


Fast Cars and Dangerous Women

Two artists, hein thit and maw thu da nu take centre stage in Fast cars and Dangerous women – a joint exhibition by lwh gallery and utterly art

Both have opposing styles but their subjects represent the fetishistic epitome of male desire.


Colours Of Myanmar


LWH Gallery is proud to present Khin Muang Zaw’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. This exhibition presents a selection of Mr Khin’s fine watercolour paintings, from vibrant landscape to cultural sights of Myanmar.



The exhibition ran from 19 April to 19 May 2013 at MAD Museum of Art of Design, Singapore.

LWH Gallery and MAD Museum jointly presented ‘Vision’ - an exhibition featuring Vietnamese sculptor Nguyen Tuan and digital media artist Naoko Tosa.


Worlds Apart Fair

LWH Gallery participated in Singapore's first hotel art fair.

Artist presented at the fair include Nguyen Tuan, Nguyen Minh Phuoc and Khin Zaw Latt. The artworks presented were well received.