Guo Shi Jun

Artist Story
Guo Shi Jun was born in Shandong, China in 1987. A graduate of the prestigious China Fine Art Academy, his award winning wins has won fans locally and a far. Create using a combination of photography, fine ink paint and digital technology; Shi Jun’s work explores the relationship between man and God.

The inspiration from this series of works stems from the artist’s interpretation of the interaction between man and God. , the mortality of man and the immortality of god. According to Chinese belief, Man lives from the energy of heaven and earth, based on the laws of the four seasons. Gods are all energy, they are all life – all are interconnected as such.

Creative direction of the works are from heaven, earth, man and sea, leading to the creation of 4 key works, which are namely, “天禄” (Tianlu),,”蓝翎” (Lanling),,”金银玄, 爻手” (Jinyin Xuan, Yao hand], and “玳瑁” (Dai Mao), They symbolically represented, deer, bird, sea turtle, Gold/Sliver Elements, Hexagram, and Sea Turtle. The artistic expression draws from both traditional and popular culture and popular culture, seeking a confluence between ancient and modern aesthetic sensibilities.

The audience will find both familiarity and mythical elements in the presentation of the man / woman form in the works, almost to the point of a very fine line between reality and dreams, a metaphor expressing the close, intertwined and inextricable relationship between man and God.

Overall, the final works are real and imaginary, soft and strong, ancient & modern mortal and mythical. Looking at the work is like standing in front of the mirror, the picture of the “they” reflect “us”, and let us ask ourselves who are we?