Kyaw Nyo

Artist Story

Kyaw Nyo is inspired by the beauty of nature, in particular the native trees of Myanmar and their different leaves. Born in 1980 in Yangon, Kyaw Nyo holds BA in Painting and Oriental Studies from National University of Culture and the Dagon University respectively. He studies the colour, shape, size and texture of leaves, but for him, the texture is the most moving. The techniques he developed enable him to reproduce faithfully the texture of the leaves. On most of these collages, there are several layers of leaves, which he builds up over days and weeks.
The starting point for all his works is the natural organic material of the leaf – the emotions evoked in his selection of leaves determines the colours that he will use in these works. He often favours the fiery colours of autumn with reds, gold and yellows. His works often create unexpected vistas from beautiful, but common materials. They make us see the humble leaf in a new way. He selects the leaves for his artworks carefully, looking for ones that suggest different elements to him. Some of the leaves look as if they are flying through the air, while others suggest meditative ponds and flowing water.
International Exhibitions
2009 – Myanmar Discovered, Group show, HK
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show, Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning, Group show, Princeton, USA
2011 – Gallery Verde, Group Show, New York, USA
2012 – Burma Rising, Art Exhibition, Hamptons, NY, USA
Group Exhibitions
2002 – Junior Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2003 – Art Exhibition on Degree Pieces, National Theater, Yangon
2005 – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sakura Tower, Yangon
2005 – Group Show, Orient Art Gallery, Yangon
2007 – Tun Foundation Art Exhibition, Yangon
2008 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Old State School of Fine Art, Yangon
2008 – Group Show, Foundation of Loving Kindness Art Exhibition, Yadanapon Hall, Yangon
2009 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Old State School of Fine Art, Yangon
2010 – Art Tree Art Exhibition, Aligar Gallery, Yangon
2010 – Going Together Art Exhibition, Lokanat gallery, Yangon
2010 – Tun Foundation Art Exhibition, Yangon
2011 – The GIVERS Art exhibition, (Ministry of Culture Art Gallery), Yangon.
2011 – TUN Foundation Art exhibition, Yangon.