Lu De Sheng

Artist Story
Born in Anhui, China, De Sheng graduated from Anhui University. In 2014, he was awarded the Silver prize both at Wuhu Fine Art & Calligraphy Biennale and the Marley Art Prize Exhibition
De Sheng’s works reflect his sensitive and unique perspective of the world around him. Many a times, he wonders about the story of the people he comes across during a public commute, be it in a city or a overnight train. Some snore through the long arduous train journey while other stares into constant flashes of the scenery beyond. Most distinctively De Sheng always seems to be able capture character’s the untold stories in the most unexpected moments.
In his latest works, De Sheng deliberates on China’s homage to massive economic and social redevelopment. Relentless hacking balls dot the nation’s landscape. Homes are torn down and communities are displaced. People walk pass them by everyday. They try to musk from themselves from the pervasive dust. Such common sights never seem to affect anyone least the displaced. But..
What if it is the playground where you cherish your childhood memories?
What if it is the place where you bond with your best friends?
What if it means that your memories will be erased?
What if it means that you will be forgotten?
He than painted famous landmarks, such as the Arc De Triomphe, Tiananmen or the Great Wall on community walls that are slated for demolition and proceed to record the eventual downfall of these monuments. According to De Sheng, these “eternal monuments’ are highly symbolic, emotive and perhaps even spiritual for many people. They represent our past, our future, our victories, our achievements, our failures, our vanities and humility. Perhaps it is even a testimony of our pursuit for eternality…for immortality. As civilization rises and descent, when edifice emerge and collapse, De Sheng wonders, what happen if one were to witness their eventual fall from grace and adoration. Will one be as indifferent?
2011 – Marley Art Prize Exhibition at Anhui Normal University Museum, Wuhu
2012 – Wuhu City 2nd Oil Painting Exhibition
2013 – Anhui Province 1st Toner Show at Benjamin Art Centre, Hefei
2014 – John Moores Prize (China) Exhibition at Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai.
2014 – Wuhu City 1st Youth Art Exhibition, Wuhu City Cultural Center, Wuhu.
2014 – Anhui Province 5th Art Exhibition, Anhui Normal University Museum, Wuhu;
2014 – 4th National University Student Art Exhibition, Tianjin.
2014 – Wuhu Art Calligraphy Biennale, Silver Award, Wuhu Art Museum
2014 – Eternal Monuments – Performance Art Project, Wuhu