Motivation Class for Hanoi Teens

10 January 2013, Hanoi Vietnam

Motivation Class for Hanoi Teens

Besides providing a platform to support and promote the diverse arts and crafts of South-east Asia, LWH Gallery aims to contribute and give back to society by nurturing the many young talents from the remote towns and villages of this region. Although many South-east Asian countries’economy has grown much over the years, there are still many young talents who were denied higher education due to financial difficulties.

As a former educator, I realised the importance of education and the potentially better future it could bring to these less developed places. The long term plan of LWH Gallery is to to set-up scholarship funds at destinations where it sources its crafts and to extend scholarships to children who cannot afford education due to financial constraints.

Should you wish to know more about our programs, have any feedback or suggestion, or perhaps wish to make a contribution, please feel free to contact us.
We will be most delighted to hear from you.