Orchid Scholarship

Orchid Scholarship

LWH Gallery supports the Orchid Scholarship Fund by sharing its sales proceeds of Vietnamese artworks. It made its first donation in August 2013.

The Orchid Scholarship Fund is a non-profit voluntary foundation that aims to promote the education and development of Vietnam by awarding scholarships to financially needy, talented and ambitious high school students. Managed by the passionate Vietnamese professionals in Singapore, OSF’s vision is to establish a solid bridge for Vietnamese and Singaporean people and organisations to contribute efficiently to the development of education and human resources in Vietnam.

OSF focuses on the high school students as this stage is the crucial transitional period for youths. This sensitive period of time can change their destiny, by either opening a gate to college or closing their promising future. Unfortunately, high school students in Vietnam are not well supported by both the government and private sectors. Thus, OSF aims to support financially challenged high school students in pursuing their educational dreams. In the first two years, Sakura Scholarship and OSF have awarded 39 scholarships to students from Tong hop (Hanoi), Hau Loc (Thanh Hoa) and Quoc hoc (Hue) high schools in Vietnam. In 2013, OSF plans to award around 40 more scholarships to students from four high schools in Vietnam.

Should you wish to know more about LWH Gallery’s social initiatives, or have any feedback or suggestion, or perhaps wish to make a contribution, please feel free to contact us. We will be most delighted to hear from you.