Paramat Leung-On

Artist Story
Paramat chose to be trained in classical Thai painting techniques as he wishes to preserve the country’s cultural heritage. He spent his earlier years doing mural paintings for many temples around the country. His time spent in temples got him to develop an interest in Buddhism. The meditative environment spurs him to reflect and think about the many stories and teachings of Buddha that he had painted on the walls of the various temples. It lays the foundation for his later works.


Paramat works are also inspired by nature, the presence of nature, the importance of nature. Hence many of his works feature plants and animals, real or mythical. His main objective is to highlight the importance of living with nature and not to go against it.


With such confluences of thoughts and influences, Paramat has developed a very unique style in his works. They are highly intricate and yet melodious, bold and yet serene. It is almost like a portrait of a paradisiacal world. A world conjured by the artist not for himself, for anyone who opens their mind to it.


1964 - Born at Maha Sarakham Thailand
1986 - Graduate with Bachelor of Fine Art (Thai Art) from the Faculty of Painting culpture and Graphic Art at Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
1994 - Solo exhibition of “ The Penang Experience” at Conservatory of Fine Arts at CFA Penang, Malaysia
1999 - Solo exhibition of “ Soul Images“ at Mom Tri’s Boathouse and Chao Phraya River Club Art Gallery, Phuket, Thailand
2001 - Solo exhibition of “ Images from The Sea” at Mom Tri’s Boathouse and Chao Phraya River Club Art Gallery, Phuket, Thailand
2007 - Solo exhibition of “ Hues of Harmony – Enchanting Thai & Buddhist Art” at Reception Lounge, Lobby Level, The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
2008 - Solo exhibition of “Dimension of Faith” at Gossip Gallery & Café, Bangkok, Thailand
2000 - oup exhibtion based on the theme of Buddhism at Art Gallery, Won-Kwang University, Korea
2000 - Group exhibtion of “ Thai Expressions in the City” at Two Allen Center and the Huston Art Institute, USA
2009 - Solo exhibition of “Reality of Surreal – scape” at Artfolio Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009 - Group exhibition of “Top of the World : Asia Art Link” at Taipei Tower 101, Taiwan
2010 - ‘Solo exhibition of “ …To Wisdom” at Gossip Gallery, Silom Galleria Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand
2012 - Solo exhibition of “Phenomenon of Mind“ at Koi Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand



1982 - 1stPrize, Ceramic Section, College of Fine Art Compettion, Bangkok, Thailand
1982 - Mom Rajawong Kukrit Pramoj Scholarship, College of Fine Arts, Bangkok, Thailand
1983 - 2ndPrize, Thai Architecture Section, College of Fine Art Competition, Bangkok, Thailand
1984 - 3rdPrize, Drawing Section, College of Fine Art Competition, Bangkok, Thailand
1988 - Prince Narisaranuwattiwongs Scholarship, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
1990 - Princess Pichitjirapa Devakul Foundation Scholarship, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand