S Moe Z

Artist Story

Since first time I set eyes on Moe Z’s works, I have witnessed a heartening evolution over the years. His powerful and politically charged works are sought after in American and European art centres. Born in 1977, Moe Z graduated from the State School of Fine Art in the year 2000.
The dominant presence of monks and nuns in unity evoke memories of the tumultuous times when segments of the country’s Buddhist establishments where involved in the civilian upsurge against the militant junta. It is as such heartening to see that over the years, like the country, Moe Z’s works are beginning to show signs of hopes and optimism, with the latest works featuring a young novice in hopeful prayer against a backdrop of illuminating light.
“I appreciate the value of light. Because of light, we can feel and see all objects. In my paintings, I always paint darkness in order to appreciate the light. Without light, everything is impossible. The darkness in the paintings represents suffocation in this country where most people are struggling to survive. There is a little hope, which is like a dim flickering light. The main feature of my composition is this contrast between darkness and light. The subject of my work – monks and nuns – is almost incidental.” – S Moe Z
International Exhibitions

2007 – Art from Myanmar, Group Show, New York, USA
2009 – Myanmar Discovered, Group Show, HK
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning Group show, Princeton, USA
2011 – Gallery Verde, Group Show, New York, USA
2011 – Five Myanmar Painters, Group Show, Kingstion, USA
2011 – Eye on Burma Group Show, the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012 – Burma Rising, Group Exhibition, NY, USA
2012 – Anniversary Art Show of the East Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2013 – Wonder in the Land – Group Exhibition, The East Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Burmese Spring at First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Leading Lights/New Works, ARTA Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Burmese Spring; at Fragrant Wood Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Funf Kontinente Museum – Group exhibition, Munich, Germany

Group Exhibitions
1998 – 14 Faces Art Exhibition, Orient Art Gallery, Yangon
1998 – Mother’s day Exhibition, Yangon
1998 – New Plantation Group Show, National Museum, Yangon
1999 – New Nursery Art Show National Museum, Yangon
2001 – New Nursery Art Show Group Show, Yangon
2002 – Unity Art Show, Yangon
2004 – The Breeze Group Show, Yangon
2007 – 99 Classic, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2008 – 99 Classic, Thamada Hall, Yangon
2008 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2009 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2010 – 99 classic group show, Yangon
2010 – Art Field, Group Show, Yangon
2011 – Kayin Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon
2011 – To the Beach Art Show, Cyan Bay Art Gallery, Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State
2011 – Finalist for Best painting of the Year Exhibition, Yangon
2011 – Dancing Hue Art Show, Bogyoke Market, Yangon
2012 – July Image Art Exhibition, Taw Win Center, Yangon
2012 – Impressive Art Exhibition, Art Plus Art Gallery, Yangon
2012 – Kayin Diary, Art Exhibition, Group Show, Yangon
2013 – Color Rain Art Show (Orient Art Gallery)
2015 – 3rd Northern Breeze Group Art Exhibition, Myanmar Artists Organization, Yangon