Sang Jin Lim

Artist Story
Korea National Art Exhibition Special Prize. Receive the prize 6 times between 1991 and 1999


Buil National Art Exhibition a prize, Busan Ilbo Newspaper in 1995


Korea water painting contest exhibit first prize


Middle National Art Exhibition, Mokou, Silla National Art Exhibition special selection



1999 -1th Yesasang Solo Invitation Exhibition at LOTTE Gallery, Busan
2000 -2th Solo Exhibition at Kimjaesun Gallery, Busan
2000 -3th Solo Invitation Exhibition at Hyundae Art Gallery, Busan
2000 -4th Solo Exhibition at Gallery H, Busan
2006 - Group Exhibition, Embodiment painting exhibition at Daegu Culture &Art Center
2007 - Booth Solo Exhibition at Arts Center, Seoul
2007 - Solo Exhibition at Tablo Gallery, Seoul
2008 - Embodiment Painting Exhibition at Arts Center, Seoul
2010 - Gallery Namu Open Anniversary Exhibition
2010 - Group exhibition, Yeosu International Art Festival, Chonnam University, Gukdong Gallery
2011 - Gallery Selim Invitation Exhibition
2011 - Hana Love Gold Club Gallery Invitation Exhibition at Hana Bank, Seoul
2012 - Prima Hotel Solo Invitation Exhibition at Prima Hotel, Seoul
2013 - Works presented at at Worlds Apart Fair, Singapore