Song Style Guanyin Holding Sutra

Aromatic Cypress Wood
L 25 x W 18 x H 46 cm
1.8 kg
SGD 3,200

Song Style Guanyin Holding Sutra

Guanyin (or Goddess of Mercy) holding a Sutra is one of the 33 different styles of portraying one of the most popular Bodhisattva in China. Legend has it that an aspiring Chinese scholar failed to succeed at imperial examinations despite multiple attempts. During one of his return journeys, the disheartened young man was caught in a sudden heavy thunderstorm and was forced to seek shelter in a nearby temple. There he saw a Goddess of Mercy statue holding a scroll. He took this as a sign from heaven not to give up his aspiration and was invigorated in his pursuit to succeed at imperial examinations. Years later he finally succeeded and came in tops.

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