Sound of Ikebana – Spring 10

Naoko Tosa
Digital Print on Canvas
L 42 x H 59.4 cm

Sound of Ikebana – Spring 10

‘Ikebana’ is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. ‘Sound of Ikebana’ is a series of four video artworks created by vibrating sound beneath paint, shot at 2000 frames per second with a high-speed camera. The videos explore the theme of ‘Four Seasons’ were screened at the ArtScience Museum of Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The seasons are expressed first through Spring – featuring a first sunrise on new year’s day, an apricot flower and the spring sea, cherry blossom and a hazy moon; then Summer – a cooling green seen at a riverside, the seaside, and the flower morning glory; then Autumn – red leaves falling; and lastly Winter – snow and ice, vivid holly, and camellia. The four digital videos of ‘Sound of Ikebana’

The digital prints presented here are part of a selection of 50 mesmerising images that are available in limited edition prints at LWH Gallery.

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