Win Tint

Artist Story

Born in Pyinmana, Myanmar in 1966, Win Tint is a highly respected art teacher in Myanmar. His works are in the collection of Myanmar’s National Museum. As disciple of renowned Myanmar Impressionist artists – U Lun Gywe, Win Tint feels that while he can teach the techniques of painting to his students, he cannot impart the sense of feeling of art. At first glance, the patterns of lines, brushworks, figures, space and forms, evoke impressionist artworks that are realistic but at the same time dreamlike in emotion. In these ‘vast’ spaces, the clarity and blurriness, the light and shade, of dissolving colours create a serene beauty that is in contrast with the usually crowded Shwedagon Temple from which the paintings derive its inspiration.
Win Tint recounts a time when a friend after viewing his collection of works, suggested that he paints something other than monasteries and pagodas. He calmly replied to his friend “You still haven’t seen what I paint.”

Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2004 (Finalist)

Solo Exhibitions

2004 – First Solo Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2006 – Outstanding Light, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2012 – Win Tint Solo Art Work, Culture Bridge Gallery
2013 – Light and Gold, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon

Group Exhibitions

2001 – New Nursery Art & Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum, Yangon.
2003 – Page 2003, Contemporary Art Show, Yangon, Myanmar and Hong Kong
2004 – Myanmar Contemporary Art Award 2004
2008 – Donation for Nargis Art Show
2008 – U Thu Kha, Memorial 2008
2009 – My Collection Art Exhibition, Myanmar Art Center
2009 – My Favourite Art Exhibition, Myanmar Art Center
2009 – Truth, Beauty, Joy, Contemporary Paintings Myanmar Art Center
2010 – The Arts Gate Art Exhibition
2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA
2010 – New Beginning Group Show, Princeton, USA
2010 – Spectrum Art Exhibition, IBC, Yangon.
2011 – The Art Gate Art Exhibition
2011 – Shwe Generation Art Exhibition
2011 – Water Color Painting Art Exhibition
2011 – The Friend Art Exhibition
2011 – November Art Exhibition
2011 – Empathy Art Exhibition
2012 – The Art Gate Art Exhibition
2012 – Charity Art Exhibition, Marketplace, City Mart
2012 – Impressive Art Exhibition, Art Plus Art Gallery
2013 – 20th Year Orient Art Gallery Show, Yangon
2014 – Color Palette Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon
2015 – Colour Image, Group Art Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon